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In any case, the star really trains every day with great commitment, sailor style. In fact, we specify that it is impossible for us humans to replicate the amount of exercises and the intensity with which Jenny from the block does them.

But with the right avalanche of determination, keeping track of her training coupled with a balanced diet doesn’t have to be an impossible task. The pop star trains for about an hour, four or five times a week, focusing on different parts of her body each time.

Between abs, jumping rope, implements, squats, sumo-style exercises (for the B-side, which is also strengthened by the platypus walk, a particular walk that has the advantage of being done anywhere), JLo is a war machine that he never stops even to take a break between one session and the next.

Marry me, Jennifer Lopez: our video interview

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    Here’s what JLo eats

Marry me, Jennifer Lopez: our video interview

And now on to his diet: those killer abs we know so well are the result of a real high protein diet. Another of her trainers, Tracy Anderson, explained to People:

“Eat everything organic, measure out high-quality protein and plenty of nutritious foods like egg whites, white turkey, beef, chicken breast and salmon or sea bass for healthy fats. He treats himself to a handful of nuts once a day. But once a week he allows himself a few chocolate chip cookies ».

Luckily, he’s human.

Moreover, he drinks nothing but water. Let’s rephrase the previous sentence: maybe it’s a person. In any case, his stratospheric and anti-aging body, like Rome, was not built in a day.

You have to sweat for years to wake up with JLo’s muscles of steel

But looking at it, we can always be encouraged to find a more balanced lifestyle that makes us feel good about ourselves above all else. And then we might win our Ben.


You have to sweat for years to wake up with JLo's muscles of steel

Quality of life with advancing age is increasingly related to how much fatigue or soreness occurs when performing normal daily activities, whether it is work, hobbies, sports, family activities (from cooking or housework, taking care of grandchildren, etc.) .

In most cases, the aging process involves a slow and gradual decline in physical fitness, strength, and endurance, especially when chronic diseases affect health. The less one is concerned with restoring one’s own state of general well-being, including emotional well-being, the more one’s health is weakened and insecure.

Pain is nothing more than the perception of a lack of health and a focus on that lack.
Body care is therefore a concept that should be increasingly part of our daily lives: the body is strengthened by proper use.

In this sense, there are two primary areas we need to address: nutrition and physical activity.