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Publicity Obligations

The Payment Laws (EC) No 1828/2006 (Implementing Guideline), as additional amended, sets out a number of specific commitments for details and promotion steps aimed at recipients, prospective recipients and also the public to be appreciated by recipients of ERDF Funds.

Along with the declaration “This project is carried out through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.” necessary logo designs additionally need to be presented.

In this section you can dowload the logos and also key visuals of CENTRAL EUROPE.

Please note that all information as well as publicity products of jobs co-funded by CENTRAL EUROPE (i.e. everything that is released or connected to target external audiences) need to show:

  • the Program Logo as well as the Program Motto and also
  • the EU symbol, a referral to the “European Union” as well as a referral to the “European Regional Advancement Fund”

To simplify your job as task Lead Partner/Partner the JTS offers three easy alternatives for you to follow these requirements for your communication items:

Choice 1 (download file 1): The mixed choice, inlcuding all the above discussed aspects in one graphic documents (. jpg,. eps,. tif).

Choice 2 (download data 2 and also 3): The different option, consisting of the Programme Logo and also Motto in one visuals file (. jpg,. eps,. tif) as well as the EU symbol and also references in a second graphic file (. jpg,. eps,. tif).

Choice 3 (download file 4): The little surface option (e.g. for pens), consisting of the Programme Logo design and EU emblem. Please keep in mind that this option is just eligible for very tiny surfaces such as pens, data tricks, etc, that do not offer the space to comply with Alternative 1 or 2!!

Central Europe: integrated logo (file 1).

3 layouts of the logo design are offered (tif, eps, jpg).

  • Download and install tif: 3,0 MB.
  • Download eps: 2,0 MB.
  • Download jpg: 0,2 MB.

Central Logo without EU emblem (file 2).

3 styles of the logo design are offered.

  • Download tif: 3,3 MB.
  • Download eps: 1,8 MEGABYTES.
  • Download jpg: 0,2 MEGABYTES.

EU emblem with reference to EU as well as ERDF (file 3).

3 layouts of the logo are offered.

  • Download and install tif: 2,6 MB.
  • Download and install eps: 1,8 MEGABYTES.
  • Download jpg: 0,2 MB.

Central logo for little surface areas just! (data 4).

3 formats of the logo design are available.

  • Download tif: 1,0 MB.
  • Download and install eps: 0,2 MB.
  • Download jpg: 0,2 MB.


Below you can download the CENTRAL EUROPE PROGRAMME map (geographic area) that you can use when preparing PR product.

  • Map eps: 2,3 MB.
  • Map scaled: 455 KB.