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The United Nations Annual Conference on Climate Change (COP26) aims to bring together leaders from almost every country in the world (197 and the EU) to find mechanisms to control climate change.

This meeting normally takes place every 5 years, but given the covid-19 pandemic, it will only take place this year in Glasgow, Scotland.

This conference is, perhaps, one of the most important, as we have come together in the last decade to join efforts and prevent the impacts of global warming from being more severe. According to Greenpeace, we are talking about unimaginable natural disasters, increasingly intense and frequent extreme events, rising sea levels and irreparable loss of biodiversity. The Covid-19 pandemic could be a unique opportunity to rebuild a stronger, fairer and more sustainable global economy among all countries.

The priority of the annual climate change conference will be to make countries commit to reducing carbon emissions to zero by the middle of this century, with more aggressive cuts from 2030 onwards. ecosystems, are other topics of high importance to be addressed at the conference.

These measures have as main objective to create plans to stop the increase in the global temperature of more than 1.5ºC by the end of the century.How can digital transformation and digitization help in these measures?Digital transformation and digitization are two technological tools that could be excellent allies for countries and companies to combat the misuse of paper and the deforestation of forests.

By implementing these technologies, countries, companies and citizens can benefit from fully digital information, and in this way allow it to be easier to find and, therefore, facilitate decision-making. There is an endless list of advantages with the adoption of these tools, but above all the reduction of environmental impacts is the main and the most significant.

Freight management is very important to maintain budgetary control and assertiveness in the operational planning of companies, so it is essential to have qualified professionals and solutions that can handle this task. A good way to optimize this process is to have a freight conference system automating actions through intelligent strategies.

The success of a business depends on the constant improvement of processes and the ability to find solutions that bring benefits to production in a timely manner for decision making. When a tool or system can improve some stage of the work, offering cost reduction and greater control over information, it is essential for the company that wants to obtain a competitive advantage to have this type of service.

In this article, we will understand a little more about the subject with Letícia Schumacher Kralik, business process manager at eSales, who will explain the importance of the freight conference system. Keep reading!

Discover the freight conference system
The freight checking system is related to the freight account management, being responsible for checking the carriers’ invoices in order to identify whether the agreed values are being respected. In this process, it is possible to check for duplicates, errors and charges for services not performed. He can also assess how the costs of this service impact the business’s revenue, allowing the adjustment of the operation focused on cost reduction.

The main function of the system is to prevent the company from paying different amounts for the contracted services. By making the data available in a simpler way, it automates the process and increases control over each step of the logistics, facilitating decision-making in a timely manner.