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The settlement structure of Central Europe is characterised by a few very inhabited urban piles and numerous tiny and medium-sized towns, which play an important function as regional economic and also cultural centres. The development of functional relationships between cities as well as between cities as well as their hinterland are vital for making use of the competitive advantage and for the improving of a corresponding growth.

Specific purposes

This Area of Intervention focuses on attaining a more well balanced territorial advancement by boosted urban and also urban-regional participation. In this sense, the critical financial and also social development of cities and also regions will be boosted.

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  • applying incorporated metropolitan and local growth approaches and also improved conditions for financial investments
  • establishing sturdy teamwork of cities in addition to tiny as well as medium-sized cities or heaps as well as their associations on equally pertinent topics of multinational significance
  • doing something about it for urban-rural relationships with optimised material circulations and also with lasting urban advancement patterns (e.g. remedies for urban spread).
  • working together on brand-new strategies in the field of recovery as well as conversion concerns of urban and peri-urban functional areas.
  • putting global urban-regional participation networks for optimising the joint use framework, recreation solutions and also recreational centers into technique.
  • executing calculated actions to optimize the city centre structure as well as to enhance practical affiliations between city centres.
  • advertising activities to boost the top quality of the atmosphere and also open space in cities.