Why should every blogger attend the 2018 Chicago Annual Conference?

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Whether you are a budding blogger or even a renowned blogger, you will always need new tips and techniques to keep your blog running. To do so, Type-A has brought the most exciting event to the blogger ‘Parent and Lifestyle Chicago Annual Conference 2018’.

Parenting and lifestyle blogging conference 2018

The 12th Annual Type A Parenting & Lifestyle Blogs Conference takes place in Chicago, IL September 27 – 29, 2018. Attendees will experience motivating stories, intensive workshops, insightful panels, exciting brands and exciting new technology solutions. Type-A is known for its strong content. While other Blogging events are known for the “money”, prizes or exclusivity – Type A is known for focusing on the blogging business.

The speaker list is populated with over 50 professional practitioners – not motivational speakers or reality TV stars. In Type A, participants learn from real people who have built successful businesses by trying and failing. 500 participants are expected. They are bloggers and social media influencers who blog about a wide variety of topics and lifestyles, including recipe and food bloggers, travel bloggers, fashion and beauty bloggers, creators and craft bloggers, business bloggers, pet bloggers, home decor bloggers and, of course, parent bloggers.

Why should every blogger attend the 2018 Chicago Annual Conference?
This Blogging conference is not just limited to parents. But most of them are female entrepreneurs with a strong presence on social media and influential blogs. Come and join the most influential community of bloggers and social media influencers for three days in Chicago.

Why should I go to a conference?

Have you noticed that there are conferences on virtually every subject and professional field? Well, the options are many, as well as the professional benefits that you can obtain by attending them. Know what they are:

Although traveling seems to be the great advantage of attending such an event, it is undeniable that at these meetings you have the opportunity to expand your network. You will be in a room with people who have a common interest to yours, that is, the chances of you building at least one friendship are great. Added to that, there is always the possibility that one of these people will remember you when a vacancy arises at their company. Why not take advantage of this conference to expand your career paths?

In addition, you gain personal and professional experience. Traveling to listen to lectures and debates is a step out of your comfort zone, which in itself already demonstrates an interest in your professional growth. Not only that, the conference will also allow you to gain knowledge in terms of knowledge, precisely due to the presence of people from different parts of the country and, consequently, with different points of view.

So don’t miss the opportunity to attend at least one conference during your professional life. You will soon realize the advantages that this event can bring to your career.

Márcia believes that it would be possible to include in the PME a strategy so that the control of accounts for these purposes has a more effective management, with the receipt and execution of the resource within the same fiscal year.

— We know that, in accounting, there are a series of procedures that have to be done. But it would make it easier for the manager to argue that all this money is spent. It’s a simple strategy, but at least it will give arguments to say that Caxias needs more money. That it’s not left over, it’s missing,” she points out.

All suggestions sent by the population will be discussed on the day of the Conference. Afterwards, the Municipal Education Forum will produce a new PME evaluation report that will be forwarded to the Executive. What is deliberated in the Conference, by law, must be carried out. Therefore, the municipality needs to make the necessary changes to the legislation based on what is proposed by the Forum.