What is the Register of Contact Data (RDK) and is it worth signing up for it?

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Have you heard about the Register of Contact Data? If we do not provide you with information on this topic.The Register of Contact Data (RDK) started to operate on December 22, 2019. The transfer of data to the RDK is voluntary and free. By definition, the RDK is to improve communication between public administration and citizens. This is another step towards moving away from traditional forms of communication, mostly in paper form, in favor of telephone contacts and e-mails.

Can it pass data to the RDK?

Data may be transferred to the Contact Data Register by adults with full legal capacity and a PESEL number. Contact details are not used to contact natural persons in the scope related to their business activities. This is the result of the provisions amending the Act on the computerization of the activities of entities performing public tasks and certain other acts (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 2294).

How is data transferred to the RDK?

Contact details may be entered into the register in two ways:With the help of a trusted profile or with the use of e-proof.In person at any commune office, regardless of the place of residence. If the application will be handed over in person, the official confirms the applicant’s identity by presenting an identity card or passport. Contact details in the form of a telephone number or e-mail address are very important, because these channels are used to verify the data. The change of the telephone number or e-mail address should be updated each time.

Template of the request for data transfer to the RDK. Below is a template of the request for data transfer to the Register of Contact Data. The application is a one-page application and contains basic information about the applicant. At any time, the person who submitted their data to the RDK may request their removal.

Is the provided data safe?

In times of illegal use of personal data, each of us wonders whether the data we transfer to various types of institutions is safe? The Minister for Digitization ensures that the transmitted data is completely secure. Only authorized and trained officials who have obtained appropriate certificates have access to the CDR. So there is no risk that the e-mail address and telephone number will fall into the wrong hands. Such assurances are available on the website of the Ministry of Digital Affairs.

Can every entrepreneur register in the RDK?

Every adult citizen with legal capacity may enter an entry in the RDK, and thus such entry may be made by any entrepreneur. Remember, however, that the data provided at this time will be used to notify, for example, about the expiry of the validity period of the ID card or passport, about the upcoming technical inspection of the vehicle, about the benefits to be paid. The regulations clearly state that the data will not be used in connection with the conducted business activity.

No documents will be sent to the e-mail address provided, only information about the expiry of their validity or possibility of collection, information about the considered applications or the need to supplement them with additional data. The Ministry of Digitization ensures that the data provided will not be used for marketing or survey activities.

Contact Data Register – the most important questions:

  • Contact Data Register – who can share their data?

Data can be transferred to RDK by persons with full legal capacity, are of legal age and have a PESEL number.

  • How can you provide your details to the RDK?

There are two options, you can do this using a trusted profile or in person at any municipal office.

  • What will the data collected in the Contact Data Register be used for?

The data will be used, among others to send notifications about the expiry of the validity period of documents or benefits.