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In short, all foods that provide energy without burdening the body, but should be consumed at least half an hour before exercise.

As for coffee, some studies claim that drinking it can positively contribute to morning training, increase speed and endurance, and burn more calories after exercise.
In this regard, remember that the best time to exercise is early in the morning, when the body registers a low level of cortisol, known as the stress hormone.

In fact, when cortisol reaches high levels, it significantly impairs your sports performance and also increases blood sugar levels. So, whoever has the choice, it is good to prefer morning training to evening training, which, as you know, involves sacrificing a few hours sleep.

Navíc se vše liší podle času

And if physical activity is carried out during the lunch break, then it would be good to introduce a snack in the middle of the morning and then bring a cereal bar or a packet of light biscuits. If instead it takes place in the afternoon, three hours after lunch, it would be better to consume a portion of pasta or brown rice, a meat or fish dish with a side dish of raw or steamed vegetables and fruit during this meal.

Among vegetables, zucchini is perfect with very few calories, therefore it is always present in diets for weight loss and is rich in phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins, elements beneficial to health.

  • Avoid first courses with high-calorie sauces, butter, fatty meat, fried foods, desserts filled with various creams.
  • An ideal meal should have around 300 calories, so consume it at least three hours before physical exertion.

Moreover, everything varies according to time

If you plan to eat two to three hours before going to the gym, focus on a carbohydrate snack, remember not to exceed 300 calories. If, on the other hand, you eat an hour before training, aim for pasta, but do not exceed 200 calories.

If, on the other hand, you cannot eat anything, take a bag of dried fruit with you and eat some at least 15 minutes before training.

Fruits such as banana are perfect as a snack because they are rich in potassium, which counteracts the loss of muscle mass and therefore improves the functioning of muscles and nerves. And if the meeting in the gym is postponed until after dinner, eat a banana even more and postpone dinner after training, give preference to fish, vegetable and leguminous dishes, so we recommend pea soup with a mint flavor.

Pineapple is also very popular, if you can buy it in season that would be ideal.

In the latter case, check that its skin is smooth, this will be a sign of its maturity. Or check that the leaves in the center are easily removed: this is another sign of ripe fruit.

Ananas je také velmi oblíbený, pokud ho můžete koupit v sezóně, bylo by to ideální.

For those who do not have the time and desire to clean pineapple, you can buy ready-made slices, but be careful, choose those with natural juice. It is a fruit that fills you up immediately and you can eat even 6 small slices.


There are those who think that synthetic substances or a good dose of supplements are helpful to restore energy after sports.

In fact, however, the effectiveness of some specific foods such as a smoothie, a piece of fruit cake or a slice of whole wheat bread with a piece of Parmesan, which are ideal for feeling fit immediately after a competition or training in the gym.

Others believe that eating after the gym is bad because all the calories you just burned are re-introduced. On the contrary, it is the other way around: eating after the gym serves to increase performance, and therefore not to hinder the results achieved during physical exercise.

How to eat after physical training?

So here are some tips on how to nourish your body after sports and which foods you could include in your diet. However, keep in mind that it is important not to take only one of the following foods, but to combine more than one, always in the right ratio and balance between carbohydrates, proteins and fats.