Understand some features of this tool

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The freight conference system has some characteristics that must be known and understood. The Delivered solution is an excellent option to optimize your company’s processes and offers a more efficient and economical freight management.

It automates the conference process, detailing errors and collecting overdue amounts. So, with the divergence reports, it is possible to reconcile what should be spent with what is being charged, bringing great agility in approving, or not, the payment of carriers. Through freight account reports by partner and region, the system supports transport management to reduce costs.

According to process manager Letícia Kralik, the Freight Audit module of the Entregou portal is dedicated to checking what each carrier is charging from the company. Through this tool, customers register the tables agreed with the suppliers to know the prices and then they can check if what they shipped is really in accordance with what was agreed in the commercial agreement.

The user of Delivery is able to register the freight table of each carrier, register the delivery routes and evaluate the fulfillment of the contracts. In addition, it can analyze the performance of logistics partners, managing to raise the level of service and efficiency.

See what are the benefits of the solution
Now that we understand a little more about what the freight conference system is, let’s see some of the advantages it brings. It is interesting to note that it is an alternative to optimize activities involving freight and the logistics sector in general. Check out the benefits of this solution!

cost reduction
One of the great benefits is the reduction of shipping costs. In addition to all the improvements that are obtained in the operational and management part, the system also offers considerable savings potential. This happens because the processes become more agile. There is an increase in productivity, reduction of errors and undue charges, and obtaining adequate information for renegotiations. In addition, communication is more accurate and the decision-making process is streamlined.

According to Letícia, the analysis becomes more accurate because the tool makes it possible to check all invoices in an automated way. Without this platform, companies need to follow up manually, so they end up using a sample of the invoices received, as there is no way to check them one by one. The assertiveness that the system offers provides gains in scale and data for timely decision making.

Comparison with suppliers
In addition, it also allows the validation of charges and the service provided by carriers, optimizing the portfolio of suppliers and bringing subsidies for renegotiation, cost reduction and improvement of the service level. It is possible to identify which companies are charging more and the mistakes that are being made. This allows you to look for other partners with lower values ​​on certain services and optimize the company’s productivity and profit.

Freight centralization
“The main advantage is the centralized control of all freight processes”, says Letícia. She also highlights that all freight charges are within the same system, so it is no longer necessary to have invoices received by mail or fax to manually check, scattered throughout the company.

The entire part of releasing payment, checking, managing freight and amounts paid is centralized in the same tool. This contributes to offering a more effective control of the information that is important, because in a few minutes it is possible to check everything that involves the operation and seek solutions to problems.

Improves the acquisition of third-party transport.The tool also helps to improve the acquisition of third-party transport. This is done through the simulations offered, which help to calculate the most positive scenarios that bring benefits to the business. In this way, it is possible to find the best service for a compatible price, increasing the competitiveness of the company.