Tips for playing sports in adults

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Exercise and its correlation with potassium-rich foods

Playing sports is an excellent strategy for maintaining vitality, improving health and preventing premature aging. Nutrition rich in vitamins and minerals such as potassium is essential to get the most out of physical activity and protect the body.


Exercising is essential to prevent diseases that can cause premature aging. With adulthood, age-related physiological changes begin to manifest: the body loses strength, flexibility and endurance.

If we do not take care of ourselves as we should, the first symptoms of some diseases associated with aging appear, such as cardiovascular diseases or osteoporosis.
For all these reasons, physical activity is of great importance for maintaining good health, especially in old age.

Cvičení a jeho korelace s potravinami bohatými na draslík


• It counteracts the loss of muscle mass caused by age.
• Helps maintain joint mobility and elasticity.
• Facilitates the prevention of osteoporosis.
• Has beneficial effects on heart health.
• Lowers cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.
• It helps us in the fight against overweight and obesity.
• Keeps the senses awake, restores vitality and stimulates intellectual performance.
• It makes us feel better and calmer.

Leading an active life and shifting the rhythm of the days with regular physical activity strengthens health and delays aging.


• Sedentary people should start physical activity gradually and consult their doctor before starting.

• Performing physical exercise should never cause pain, otherwise there is a risk of aggravating injuries that did not occur before.

• In general, it is better to avoid sports with a high impact on the joints, as they can damage the joints and aggravate chronic injuries.

• It is not necessary to overdo it with physical exertion, even low or medium intensity exercise has a positive effect on health.


The 4 groups of exercise needed to stay healthy are:

• Endurance or aerobic exercise. They are good for the heart, lower cholesterol and blood sugar, but also have other beneficial effects. The secret to effective aerobic training is to perform exercises regularly and gradually increase their intensity.

EjercicioPříklady: turistika, plavání, cyklistika, gymnastika pro dospělé a tanec.

• Exercises to strengthen or develop muscles. They strengthen muscles and lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Although these exercises are generally practiced by men, these exercises are also very important for women as they are useful in preventing osteoporosis. For example, you can do weightlifting of moderate intensity and limited duration for a few minutes 2 to 3 times a week. The weight of the tools used must be modulated according to the physical condition of each person.

• Balance exercise. They will help you maintain your agility and avoid the risk of falling. To maintain these skills in training, Tai Chi, Pilates, yoga and similar disciplines are particularly suitable.

• Flexibility exercises. Elasticity and flexibility decrease with age. Loss of these functions can lead to bone deformities, muscle weakness and tendon shortening. It is important to do some stretching before and after any type of physical activity to keep muscles flexible and prevent injury. Disciplines such as yoga or gymnastics for adults help maintain and improve flexibility.