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When to take vitamin D3?

Our supplement contains vitamin D at 1000 per capsule. It is recommended to supplement with at least 2,000 IU each day. You can take two capsules a day with food and you can also do 3-month cycles with a 20-day break.

How to make a homemade electrolyte supplement

If you exercise and follow a ketogenic diet, you can easily make your own electrolyte supplement at home.

The ingredients are:

  • 1200 liters of coconut water or brine
  • 120 ml of fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 c potassium chloride
  • 1 pinch of Himalayan salt
  • 2C of the highest magnesium
  • 10 g of erythritol or stevia

When to take vitamin D3?

Drink 2 hot cups daily on a full stomach. The sports ketogenic diet is a winning choice for athletes who want to improve their performance during training or during races and competitions. Knowing that the best fuel, even during exercise, is fat (and not sugar) makes a real difference.

In addition, practicing intermittent fasting, exercising before breakfast, introducing supplements and supplements will make it easier for you to reach your goals.

So that you don’t get discouraged and insist on improving your performance and changing with the SAUTÓN approach, I created a menu (breakfast, lunch and snack) designed especially for you who do sports. Download the meal plan for free here: an example of a ketogenic weekly menu with more than 27 quick and tasty recipes for burning fat and increasing performance.

Diet and training: the secret of Jennifer Lopez’s form

Fifty-two years old and in better shape than ever. Time flies, but not for JLo, who matches his current and happy sentimental situation with a breathtaking figure, now more toned than decades ago. Besides envy, how do you do it?

Sing, dance, lap dance and lift weights always with a bright smile. In short, he never backs down. Jennifer Lopez is the over 50 we all dream of being or becoming. An example that you can live life despite the passing of time and show up in great shape.

Diet and training: the secret of Jennifer Lopez's form

We look at it, envy it, adore it, and dream of living with JLo’s for at least one day.

Not just because she has her new old love Ben Affleck by her side, who after nearly two decades and two children has practically found her in a state with more grace than when he left her. But also to understand the secrets that make it possible to go back with age, as well as those that have their granite B-side.

  • Above all, Jennifer Lopez is Jennifer Lopez thanks to highly disciplined daily training and the supervision of an expert who watches her 360°.
  • Just recently, her personal trainer David Kirsch told Vogue America how much you and the pop star collaborate on all aspects of everyday life:
  • “From exercise to diet to stress and the people you surround yourself with, everything affects your fitness.

The coach also introduced devices for measuring the quality of sleep into the artist’s routine, specifically the Oura Ring, a titanium ring that monitors vital parameters during sleep. So the result of Jennifer’s fa-vo-lo-know figure is the right balance between training and rest. Let’s start taking note.