Breakdown of protein and carbohydrate supplements

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So when you decide to start training, it pays to check the supplements available to fill in the gaps. Why is supplementation an important topic that should not be left out of the exercise discussion?

Because in this way you can support the body and speed up the processes of character formation.

It should also be added that proper supplementation protects us from the lack of certain nutrients in the body. One of the most popular products that exercisers reach for are protein supplements. They are designed to supplement the diet with easily digestible proteins needed to build muscle tissue.

  1. With regular training and high physical activity, the loss of protein from body weight increases up to threefold.
  2. Replacing food with the nutrient or adding it to your daily diet helps to replenish protein levels to the desired level.
  3. The purpose of its use is to support and develop muscles, protect them from the catabolic process, reduce fatigue and even lose weight.
  4. Research published in 2008 shows that consuming whey protein supplements contributes to greater fat loss.

Carbo supplements are preparations based on carbohydrates, often enriched with vitamins and minerals. They help you regain strength and energy. They are perfect when we want to quickly and effectively gain strength and vigor after intense physical activity.A carbo supplement should be used around training to supplement or increase energy. It should be remembered that people struggling with diabetes should consult a doctor about the possibility of use.

Carbohydrate and protein supplements, so-called gainers, are products that contain 70-80% carbohydrates, as well as proteins and fats. Unlike protein supplements, they cannot be a separate meal, but only a supplement. They are consumed with a meal before or after training.

To keep your energy up during exercise

Abyste si během cvičení udrželi energiiThis type of supplement is intended for people who want to build muscle mass, are slim and have problems with their appetite and are unable to take in the necessary excess calories.
What nutrients and supplements are worth getting for the first steps in the gym?

  • Taking your first steps in the gym seems difficult and raises many questions and doubts. Knowing which supplements to reach for and which nutrients will get you closer to your dream goal will help you avoid rookie mistakes.
  • What is supplementation aimed at? Both food supplements and nutrients help the body adapt to new conditions, which is increased effort in the gym. They support regeneration and satisfy the multiple need for nutrients.

They also accelerate the processes of muscle development and fat reduction. The support of supplements must be approached individually and the means adapted to your needs and goals. The most popular and recommended for beginners are:

      • protein supplement – will work both for people who want to increase the volume of muscle tissue, and even if the main prerequisite is to burn fat;
      • BCAA – branched chain amino acids contributing to fat burning. Their most important task is to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue;
      • HMB – a supplement that accelerates muscle regeneration after exercise by reducing the degree of muscle damage. It is ideal for initial training, when it is quite easy to load previously untrained muscles. This in turn translates into faster muscle mass building. Interestingly, it is only effective against beginners or returning to activity after a long break;
      • L-carnitine – accelerates the process of losing weight and prevents the yo-yo process. Its use reduces the amount of muscle microdamages and regenerates;
      • creatine – has a complex effect, increases muscle mass, endurance and strength.