Management of environmental risks and climate change

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Management of environmental risks and climate change

Environmental risk management and climate changeCentral Europe helps manage and reduce the risks and impacts of environmental hazards such as floods and water or soil pollution, as well as helping regions adapt to climate change.

The program is also focused on the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems and the revitalization of natural landscapes.

News and events

September 24, 2014
European Commission: Ljubljana will become the first EU capital to adopt the goal of “zero waste”
September 16, 2014
ECOPAPERLOOP: scorecard offer for paper-based packaging
July 17, 2014
Central Europe: transnational cooperation improves individual regional efforts to adapt to climate change and minimize ecological risks
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State of waste collectors [download PDF]
Transregional strategy for the use of modern information in operational hydrology [download PDF]
A guide to the financial and economic recovery of rivers [Download PDF]
A collection of (policy) instruments that affect land use and conservation [PDF download]
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Get an overview of key data and information on environmental cooperation in the Central Europe programme.


On this thematic cooperation map, you will learn about the most active regions and the regions that cooperate the most with each other.