Advice against burnout

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Below is the advice of Dr. Matteo Radavelli, psychologist and psychotherapist, collaborator of the committee for the prevention of burnout.



Respect your needs and allow yourself enough rest in the moments of recovery after work: it is important to make time for what you want. This aspect is necessary to establish boundaries between private and work life, so that work life does not interfere with the previous one.

Prevention of burnout should start in the company and with adequate training of professionals who manage other people. Whether they are managers, managers or supervisors.
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It is useful to ask yourself the question “what is my priority”, “what are my priorities?”. Better prioritization helps you make difficult decisions and sacrifices: your priorities differ from those of your colleagues and your employer, values ​​are purely subjective. That’s why it’s helpful to be clear that if someone puts work first, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to follow.

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Set reasonable goals without expecting too much of yourself. A direct consequence of excessive demand can be a negative evaluation of oneself and one’s work. It could lead to an image of yourself as a “failure”.


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When the amount of work seems really excessive, it is important to be able to delegate some of the tasks that need to be completed to others. It is very important to be clear about your limits, the fixed points at which you cannot go any further. If this last aspect is not clear, immediate or conscious, it is good to consider further investigation with yourself and possibly with a professional, because delegation is complex.

Being able to say “No”

Whenever possible, it is helpful to design solutions that meet your needs while also taking into account the needs of the employer. If saying no is difficult, it is important to ask ourselves: what stands between us and the ability to say no? What meaning do I give no? And I myself follow right?

On a social level, it is possible to prevent burnout by focusing on strengthening friendships in order to compensate and reduce work fatigue.

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  • “The prevention of burnout should start from the company and from the adequate training of professionals who manage other people.
  • Whether they are managers, managers or supervisors. Among the methods that lead to the prevention of burnout syndrome is also the support of work commitment.
  • This does not mean only limiting the already existing negative aspects, but also trying to promote and increase the positive ones.

Techniques to increase and promote commitment are those that promote energy and engagement, such as empowering workers to assert themselves, giving them autonomy in decision-making, and offering a work organization that can be clearly and clearly defined. consistent.

To achieve this goal, it is possible to carry out actions both on an individual level, such as: setting clear goals, breaks, separation of work from private life, prevention of excessive involvement. On a social level, however, it is possible to work toward strengthening friendships so that we ultimately compensate for this and reduce work fatigue,” concludes Dr. Ravadelli.