For the lazy: Melarossa’s personalized diet

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It may happen that you prefer to temporarily remove the insulin pump for motor activity training (e.g. swimming, short-term exercise); it is advisable to make the following changes:


•Before: no change.Nejlepší čtyři aplikace, jak zhubnout a dostat se do formy• After: reduce by 20% for about 12 hours.


• Before: reduce by 20-50%.
• After: Reduce next bolus by 20-50%.

These rules can be very useful for starting motor activity without taking any risks.
You definitely need to improve them based on your doctor’s advice and, above all, individual experience.

Sharing experiences and playing sports with other diabetics allows us to understand the difficulties we may encounter and to overcome them more quickly. Furthermore, it is advisable to announce our health condition to the people who accompany us and/or a personal trainer, so that others are aware of our condition and work safely .

The top four apps to lose weight and get in shape

Do you want to lose weight? Get help from the best weight loss apps! From MyFitnessPal to Melarossa: here are four perfect allies for your diet

In the fight against extra pounds, you need at least one ally, so why not ask for help from the app? Relentless as a nutritionist, insightful as a personal trainer, motivating as a trainer, they are ideal for setting goals, checking progress and keeping snags under control.

Of course, it is important to choose the right application that will help us achieve the goal we have set.

First step? Pinpoint that goal! Do you want to lose weight, tone up or change your shape? In fact, it is essential to start with clear ideas and not put goals out of reach, instead start from your lifestyle and choose an app that respects it.

If you are dynamic, sedentary or moderately active, here you will find the most suitable digital coach for you.

Melarossa is an application 100% made in Italy, created by a team of dietitians and nutritionists who have structured nutritional pathways to lose weight in a scientific and healthy way, and approved by the Italian Society for Food Science.

It will allow you to follow a balanced diet, controlled and inspired by the Mediterranean diet, make a shopping list and set goals.

After entering the data and measurements, Melarossa will suggest a weekly menu for you to follow, with exact quantities and a shopping list where you will find all the right ingredients to prepare your meals.

Pokud jste dynamický, sedavý nebo středně aktivní, zde najdete nejvhodnější digitální kouč pro vás

The advantages of this application are the personalization of the menu, also based on food tastes and preferences, food recommendations, shopping list always at hand: Red Apple therefore presents itself as a diverse food guide that teaches how to lose weight with food.

The app is available for Iphone – free download and the first week, from the second week you can choose a weekly (€0.99) or monthly (€2.99) subscription – and on Android mobile phones – free download and the first week, from second week monthly pass for €2.69.