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  • Short Form: CLUSTERS-CORD.
  • Complete name: Collections & Collaboration for Regional Growth in Central Europe.
  • Concern: Advancement.
  • Location of Treatment:1.1 Enhancing Structure Conditions for Development.
  • Period: March 2010 – February 2013 (36 months).
  • Total budget plan:.
  • ERDF contribution: EUR 1.358.494,68.
  • EUR 1.112.940,82.

Partnership:. Regional Development Agency of Usti Region, PLC (Severozapad, CZ), Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (WRS) (Baden-Württemberg, DE), Regional Growth firm of Piestany TTSK-RDA TTSK (Zapadne Slovensko, SK), REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY CELJE L.T.D. (Slovenija, SI), Mid-Pannon Regional Development Firm (Kozep-Dunantul, HU), Regional Advancement Firm of Bielsko Biala (Slaskie, PL), Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce (Oberösterreich, AT), Milano Metropoli Development Agency (Lombardia, IT), “ARLEG” S.A. Regional Growth Company (Dolnoslaskie, PL), Centre for study and innovation (Jihovychod, CZ), BSC – Organization support centre ltd Kranj (Slovenija, SI).


The business as well as geographical clusters have proved to be an effective regional economic growth device, specifically in peripheral/less competitive locations, where the concentration of interconnected businesses, distributors and also connected institution in certain fields boosts their productivity, drives the advancement processes as well as brings about excitement of brand-new services.

The project CLUSTER-CORD builds on this facility and also concentrates on promotion of the exchange of ideal techniques in collection monitoring, in addition to the cooperation amongst collections from the very same thematic field but various geographical origin, via the development of so called “meta-clusters”.

Regional advancement agencies and various other business supporting actors are acting very usually as clusters facilitators, also supporting stars in collections solutions advancement as well as promotion. The creation of industrial collections numerous between the EU27 countries, whereas in the new member states collections are relatively brand-new tools receiving presently sustain from architectural financing plan.

Within the CLUSTERS-CORD the partners, standing for the local business sustaining actors (e.g. RDAs) have joint their forces in order to improve local capacity in the management and also advancement of collections, through the exchange of experiences as well as good methods as well as development of straight teamwork among existing actors.

  • CLUSTERS-CORD – Goals.

The project basic objective is to enhance the collaboration among collections from the same thematic area however various geographical origin, with the creation of 5 Strategic Cooperation plans which will certainly lead to production at the very least 3 so called “meta-clusters”.

The task has chosen 10 crucial industries that will certainly be very closely taken a look at: Movement & Logistics; Expert Solutions; ICT; Automotive & Aeronautics; Tourism; Health And Wellness Sciences; Power & Environment; Manufacturing Technologies; Wood Industries; Food handling.

The partners will trade their knowledge and also experience pertaining to the regional cluster plans that are necessary instruments creating framework problems for local technology.

  • CLUSTERS-CORD – Expected Result.

The job predicts to start with the benchmarking tasks of local clusters as well as local collection policies of getting involved actors that will lead to recognition of the very best practices. The results of this activity will be summarized in the benchmarking research study that will be also provided with the specific occasion.

In order to reach the major goal– to develop 3 metaclusters and to sustain the teamwork between collections– the project will certainly unite clusters managers, collection reps, in addition to pertinent choice manufacturers exchanging about the development of brand-new solutions and also methods as well as possible synergies. As a result cooperation arrangements between the collections should be authorized, ensuring future joint tasks and also their institutionalisation.

Recap of tasks:. CLUSTERS-CORD project dedicated to assistance of working and lasting global cooperation of clusters across the Central Europe area took the final actions towards the establishment of meta-clusters in the 5 fields recognized as the most encouraging ones (details & communication innovations, food, energy and also setting, tourist as well as wellness).

The project initiatives were split right into two parts – analytical and also useful. The logical part was focused on gathering as well as assessing information related to collections resulting right into complex data set summed up in the Benchmarking research study (finished in summertime 2011).

  • The research study gave the collaboration, the collections themselves and essential local stakeholders with the big picture of clusters setting in CE areas and also ever since represented important factor of orientation for the project progression.
  • The final thoughts of the research study left just 5 most appealing industries for additional consideration, particularly the ICT, food, energy as well as atmosphere, tourism and health sciences.
  • For each and every picked sector a working team was established in order to ensure efficient execution of the exchange activities and also further analysis of the meta-clustering possibility.

As the following action, the vital target teams initially satisfied vis-à-vis within a transnational conference kept in Milan in October 2011 which stood for the closure of the analytical fieldwork and also start-up of the clusters cooperation and also exchanges at the same time.

Cluster representatives were given a floor to present their expectations, hopes and also worries concerning the internationalization and meta-cluster accumulation. From that factor on, there were five exchange discussion forum accompanied by thematic research study brows through held where cluster managers as well as cluster participants defined their usual rate of interests, issues as well as designed future participation under the auspices of CLUSTERS-CORD partnership.

The exchange tasks ended right into emergence of 4 meta-clusters (uniting 20 collections with greater than 1000 members) in the fields of tourism, ICT, power & environment and food. The meta-clusters are developed on the basis of strategic cooperation strategies and their existence is secured in cooperation arrangements defining the range and also regards to participation.

The project listened additionally to the policy facet of clusters advancement as well as recognized participation with public authorities as well as regional stakeholders in order to determine which policies and also helpful measures are preferable across the CE area. The conclusions are promulgated in policy suggestions which are currently to be converted into reality plans and also steps. Last but not least, the task made complicated dissemination as well as interaction campaign addressing the essential stakeholders in order to produce understanding of the topic and to give it due visibility towards plan makers.