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The conference outlined future priorities and funding opportunities in Central Europe and discussed with key experts and policy makers at the regional, national and European level.

The annual conference in Vienna combined the old and the new program of Central Europe – on the website Achieving 124 implemented projects over the past seven years, they were presented and discussed among project partners, politicians and other stakeholders from across Central Europe.

VÝROČNÍ KONFERENCE STŘEDNÍ EVROPY 2014: DOKUMENTACEThe question of how they achieved transnational cooperation can really help to build a strong Central Europe was addressed in more detail after the presentation of the well-known expert on Central Europe, Professor Jacques Rupnik from the University of Sciences in Paris (France). Among the high profile speakers who contributed to the debate were Normunds Popens, Deputy Director General for Public Relations. Regional Policy in the European Commission, Tereza Marcinow from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development of Poland, Christian Helmenstein from the Brussels Association of Industrial Business Europe and Martin Pospischill, head of the Vienna Department of EU Strategy.

On 2 July 2014, details of the forthcoming first invitation to the project were presented at the conference. The invitation is expected at the beginning of 2015 after the final approval of the program by the European Commission. At the Design Ideas fair and partner forum, more than 50 design ideas were presented and discussed by state and private institutions from all over Central Europe. Design ideas can be found in the Design Ideas Database

Press release: download (pdf, 40 KB)

Conference program: download (pdf, 943 KB)

List of participants: download (pdf, 646 KB)

Photo: link to the Central Europe Program Facebook page

Images: link to the Facebook page of the Central Europe programme

Presentation (July 1):
* Keynote speech: “Cooperation in Central Europe: an introduction to the new program” Christian Брезник, Managing Authority, Central Europe Program download (pdf, 4.39 MB)

Professional seminar presentations:

* Technology transfer and corporate innovation download (pdf, 546 KB)

* Sustainable Public Transport and Logistics Download (pdf, 1.48 MB)

* Download Environmental Risk and Climate Change Management (pdf, 741 KB)

* Download Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (pdf, 1.19 MB)

* Demographic changes and the development of downloadable knowledge (pdf, 853 KB)

* Downloading cultural heritage and creative resources (pdf, 843 KB)

Presentation (July 2):
* Keynote speech: “content and timetable of the first call for proposals in Central Europe 2020” luka Ferrarese, head of the joint secretariat-programme for Central Europe download (pdf, 1.48 MB)

* Introduction to the priorities of the CENTRAL EUROPE 2020 program for download (pdf, 262 KB)