Innovative Business: 12 Ideas You Wish Were Yours

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You know that feeling you get when you find out about a new product or service and think “gosh, I could have had this idea” or “wow, I had thought of that before”? Well, the difference between these sensations and the idea realized in a business is that someone had the courage and expertise to innovate! In this article, we brought you some ideas to inspire you or to adopt an innovative practice in your company.

However, don’t think that these ideas come to fruition overnight. Did you know that Netflix was founded in 1997, about 20 years ago? She is a good example of how innovative businesses can take a long time to succeed, but when they do, even the sky is not the limit.With a small monthly fee giving access to unlimited content (the same logic as Netflix, known as “recurring revenue”), other examples of great services emerged, such as Spotify, a music streaming platform launched in 2008.

But it doesn’t end here. We’ve selected other innovative businesses to provoke and inspire you. If you know of any innovative ideas that we haven’t mentioned here, you can leave them in the comments (list updated in September 2019).

Innovative marketing ideas

opinion box

A marketing research is essential for companies to understand what their consumer’s profile is, habits, what leads them to make a decision, what their purchase profile is, how the brand is perceived by consumers, what impressions or , even take a test campaign.With that in mind, Opinion Box, a company from Minas Gerais, developed a complete platform for you to be able to do smart market research for your company.

The services provided cater to both large companies and smaller businesses. By accessing the Opinion Box platform you can create your own form, relying on their advice or use a pre-formulated and editable questionnaire to create your survey.

May Marketing

We cannot deny it: artificial intelligence has come to transform the world of work, allowing the automation of some functions to bring better and more accurate performance to some sectors.With that in mind, the technology and marketing services company, Maio Marketing, developed a platform that integrates online and offline customer journey data, in real time.

CDP (Customer Data Platform) technology uses algorithms to signal the right moment of a critical customer decision, be it a purchase, renewal or cancellation, all individually.Through this data, you will be able to better understand the key moments in your customer’s journey, being able to create more assertive campaigns, increasing the chances of conversion, improving the customer experience with your brand and, of course, better targeting your investments. .

epsilon conversational

Following in the same climate of automation and innovation, the Texan company Epsilon-Conversant, recently acquired by the French group Publicis, manages its interaction with the customer, eliminating steps that are not relevant, or even that can leave your customer confused. , focusing on building human connections.They use a combination of technology and algorithms to create interactive ads, reducing the number of hours invested in developing these campaigns by up to 400%.

Innovative ideas in technology and development

Founded in 2017, came about because of some frustrations and discoveries of the founders, who believed that the world was full of “victims of bad software”. Thinking about solving this situation, their proposal is to develop digital products in a complete way, from customer and user research, interface design, user experience, roadmap planning and coding.That is, they propose to develop quality products from the beginning.

Having trouble hiring talented developers for your company? Then you should meet Geekhunter.This Brazilian company relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure a successful hiring experience, bringing companies and candidates together.

In this way, you save time, as the algorithms find the best match between the company’s requirements and the candidate’s skills, all with agility and innovation, given that from the moment you create a profile, the company looks for you and not on the contrary. Yes, it is an application that matches candidates and companies.