Municipal Health Conference

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The IX Municipal Health Conference – CMS convened by Decree No. 15.443/2021 – .pdf format (68Kb), of the Municipal Mayor of Bauru, under the terms of Law No. 4.669/2021 – .pdf format (34Kb), will be held on the 31st from May to June 11, 2021 (Pre-conference) and from July 14 to July 21, 2021 (IX Municipal Health Conference).

The Conference aims to assess the population’s health situation, the structure of the Service and Health Care Networks, the work processes of the Municipal Health Department and formulate guidelines to support the elaboration of the Municipal Health Plan for the next 4 years (2022-2025). This year it will have as its central theme: “The SUS belongs to everyone” with the following motto: “Guarantee of access and quality improvement at all levels of health care”, with the following axes: I – Complementary Participation; II – Guarantee of Financing, Investments in Human Resources and Qualification for SUS; III – SUS Management and Social Participation and IV – SUS – From Primary Care to Specialized Care; Strengthening of Health Networks and Services (RAS), Reference and Counter-reference.

The Conference is open to the entire population of Bauru, and all segments of the health area provided for in Law No. 8,142/90 can participate: Users, Workers and Managers/Providers, as well as other movements and institutions of society, provided they meet the Rules of Procedure of the Health Conference.

The public authorities have adopted measures to prevent and contain the new coronavirus, respecting the health measures of guidelines for social distance, avoiding agglomerations of people. In compliance with the recommended determinations and recommendations of the National Health and SP State Health Council, the 9th Municipal Health Conference will be remote, ensuring the safety of citizens.

What it is: Moment in which the citizen can approve, exclude, abstain (not give an opinion) or change/include (maximum four) proposals in the Guiding Document created by the Organizing Committee in which it contemplates: consolidation of the Municipal Health Plan 2018_2021, Final Report of the 8th Municipal Health Conference – Bauru/19 (municipal proposals), Government Plan and Participatory Budget Proposals 2018_2019;
When: From 05/31/2021 to 06/11/2021
How to participate:

Access the link: Proposals and Contribute or
Send your proposal with your identification via Whatsapp to (14) 99741-8372
What it is: It will be another opportunity for the participant to CHANGE (maximum two) proposals in the 1st Synthesis Report consolidated by the Organizing Committee.
When: From 06/21/2021 to 06/25/2021
How to participate:

What it is: At this moment the participant can only APPROVE or EXCLUDE the proposals presented in the 2nd Synthesis Report, (GUIDING DOCUMENT + PRE-CONFERENCE + HIGHLIGHTS) consolidated by the Organizing Committee.
When: From 07/14/2021 to 07/21/2021
How to participate:

Watch the opening of the IX Municipal Health Conference on Youtube of the City Hall
Read the Second Synthesis Report – .pdf format (896Kb) with the proposals approved at the Pre-Conference + the highlights

What it is: Consolidated of all approved proposals from the 2nd Synthesis Report. Proposals that obtain the majority of votes (fifty percent plus one) in the option to approve will be considered approved.
When: 08/02/2021