Closer to nature – how to decorate your home, taking care of the environment

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Are you decorating your home? Or maybe you are refreshing the arrangement of your apartment? You can do it in an eco-friendly way, without destroying the environment, while creating an extremely fashionable and cozy decor. Check out how to do it!

Change the decor in harmony with nature

Any time is a good time to take care of the environment, and spring especially. As the day gets longer and warmer, we are eager to replace old curtains and festive tablecloths with new decorations full of color. Then it’s worth considering whether it’s possible to make rearrangements while remaining in harmony with nature.

After all, it’s no secret that the textile and furniture industries are often polluters of our planet. This primarily involves the use of artificial materials and the production of a large amount of harmful waste. So is it possible to furnish a home without endangering nature? Of course! Just bet on ecological solutions, and above all, look for brands that act with care for the environment.

Buy quality products

When buying new window blinds, table runners or sofa covers, always bet on the highest quality products. Decorations sewn from durable and solid materials will serve for many years. Thanks to this, there will be no need to replace them frequently, and thus we will not produce a lot of waste. After all, it is good to realize that a piece of fabric decomposes over a very long time.

Sew to measure!

Tailor-made sewing is often a very convenient solution for fitting a particular product to a particular space. Few people also think about the fact that by opting for a tailor-made tablecloth or curtains, they are contributing to environmental protection. This is because by creating products “to the customer’s order,” brands do not produce excess inventory, which, unsold, often ends up “in the trash.”

Closer to nature“In our company, we sew mainly to measure, which means that materials do not overstock us. What’s more, we try to use the fabric waste created during production and convert it into small products, such as napkins, bakery bags or cosmetic bags,” she adds.Dekoria brand stylist Renata Mikus comments.

Such actions significantly reduce the amount of garbage produced in the company, and thus the customer using its services can rest assured that they have not contributed to the pollution of the planet.

Bet on naturalness!

Natural materials must not be missing in eco-friendly arrangements. Fabrics such as linen and cotton, which do not contain artificial dyes and harmful substances, will work best here. It is good that they are also hand-picked, which nullifies air pollution. Before buying such accessories as window curtains or Roman blinds, you can check whether the textiles used by a particular brand have the Organic Cotton Certificate. It confirms that the cotton comes from environmentally friendly agriculture in accordance with EU requirements.

Do you think that natural fabrics are only available in boring, grayish colors? Absolutely not! Nowadays there are many wonderful collections made of natural fabrics, which delight with a rich color palette and interesting patterns. With their help you can create unique arrangements.

Don’t throw away!

Nowadays, many people throw away various home furnishings as soon as they get a little damaged, without thinking about how they can be repaired or restored. Meanwhile, thinking like “I’ve worn out my couch cover – I’ll buy a new one” or “I’m bored with my window blinds – I’ll replace the whole structure” can be tragic in their consequences for the surrounding nature. Every item thrown out of a home space is another waste on the already high mountains of garbage in landfills.

Closer to nature“We take all actions in our company with the environment in mind. Not only do we try to reduce the amount of waste ourselves, but we also give this opportunity to our customers. For example, we offer them various complementary products, such as covers for poufs and seats, as well as covers for all models of IKEA sofas (including those no longer available). In our offer you can also find tops for roller blinds. So the customer doesn’t have to buy the whole structure for hanging the window decoration, but only the fabric he needs.”

Thanks to this, even if we want to completely change the decor of the living room or refresh the colors in the bedroom, we do not have to throw away the furniture we already own. Their renovation will be carried out quickly and easily, and in a very ecological way, using a variety of covers.

There are many simple solutions through which everyone can contribute to environmental protection. It is not at all necessary to do great deeds and very large amounts of money. All you have to do is start with yourself and around you. One small pouffe cover or curtains made of natural fabrics can really make a difference!