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Nutrition and the gym are an almost inevitable combination not only for those who want to lose weight, but also to achieve optimal performance in sports.

Proper nutrition actually completes the work and fatigue of training, and vice versa, for training to be effective, it is important to eat the right foods and choose a diet suitable for daily needs and with proper nutritional values.

So let’s see what are the ad hoc foods to eat before and after sports, classes or training and some useful tips to keep diet and gym hand in hand and adjust your diet. In fact, it is important to know what and how much to eat so that you can have a more toned and healthier body.

Do you want to maximize the results of physical activity?

Then it will be useful to know that there is a proper diet that optimizes the effort spent in the gym and ensures the necessary supply of energy, whether the goal is to lose weight or increase muscle mass.

Playing sports helps not only to maintain your figure, increase muscle mass, but also to improve your health, so it would be a good habit to go to the gym all the time and create a weekly routine.

  • Chcete maximalizovat výsledky fyzické aktivityHowever, whether we are talking about any sport and any physical activity in general, nutrition plays a vital role.
  • And in order to be in good physical shape and lead a healthy lifestyle, it is especially important to follow a specific diet.

For this reason, a certain diet must be followed before and after training, with differences, of course, between those who practice the sport at a professional and competitive level and those who practice it at an amateur level, because the consumption could change.

The difference in body composition and percentages of fat-free mass and fat-free mass between women and men must also be taken into account.

A gym menu is essential both for good performance and not to waste the efforts made during training. Rather than a diet, understood as losing weight, it is more correct to talk about proper nutrition, which is necessary for those who want to play sports and perform well at the same time.

It is therefore necessary to follow simple rules and eating habits that will help the body supply the right amount of energy usable during training or training and reduce fat and calories to a minimum. For this reason, the regular diet must be varied and balanced and contain the micro and macronutrients necessary for the health of the organism in the right amount of grams. Foods high in protein should never be missing from the table, at lunch and dinner, including:

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

Cereals and by-products such as rice, spelt, barley, oats and pasta, milk and cheeses rich in calcium, but preferably reduced fat, and a small amount of nuts.

During the week, the following should be consumed: two portions of meat,

  • three fish
  • two to four servings of eggs
  • twice the portion of legumes, ensuring a good protein rotation, i.e. alternating vegetable protein sources with animal sources.

Sezónní ovoce a zelenina

For spices, prefer extra virgin olive oil instead of sauces and butter, do not exceed it in light products and avoid fried, alcoholic and sugar-filled drinks. In addition, it is recommended to always drink plenty of water, especially in summer, and eat fruits during the day. For a healthy and simple style, we recommend at least 2 liters of water a day, but for athletes they can increase.

During physical activity, we tend to lose many important fluids through sweat.

It is strongly recommended to avoid sodas and carbonated and sweetened drinks, even sparkling water. At first you will feel full, but in reality you will only have a bloated stomach. The carbon dioxide present in sparkling water makes it feel like it’s quenching your thirst, but in reality it’s just making your stomach bloat. It is better to drink pure water with a little lemon and ginger.