How to write a project?

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A project is a planned undertaking, an activity having a defined beginning and end, its main goal is to bring about positive effects, to create a new quality. The project describes the existing reality, defines the time, directions and ways of changing it, and defines the resources necessary for this change. The goals of the project are to define what will change in the situation of our recipients or what will change in the environment in which we implement the project.

Why are projects created in non-governmental organizations?

The essence of the work of non-governmental organizations is to make positive changes in the environment in which they operate (e.g. improving the situation of the disabled, strengthening pro-ecological attitudes, better access to education). For this reason, organizations create projects – by implementing them they want to solve social problems in the surrounding reality.

Many entities treat the project as a key element in creating an application, the success of which helps in obtaining funds for the activities of non-governmental organizations. However, it is the willingness to make a social change, which results from the needs of a certain social group, that should be the key factor in creating the project.

Is the project the same as the application or program?

Project, application and program – these are the words that appear very often when we think about raising funds for the activities of an NGO. It turns out that these concepts are not interchangeable, and in practice they are different from each other.

Below, we compare what a project is, what an application and what a program is in the activities of non-governmental organizations.


A project is a method of work, a planning process in which a project team (several people) should be involved. This is the final result of planning, which includes the analysis of the situation, setting goals, activities, results, and estimating the resources necessary for its implementation.

We do not submit projects. Finished projects are our work tool. They define the change we want to make and the tools that will be needed for this change. A good project is therefore the basis for submitting a good, logical and consistent application.
For one project, we can also write several applications that will complement each other.



The application is an offer for the implementation of our project (or part of it) presented to the sponsor in the format proposed by him (in the appropriate tables), it can be prepared by one person.
The application is an application for funds that we submit to the sponsor. It is a tool for obtaining money or material resources for the implementation of the planned project.
Filling out the application is a technical and administrative step. Attachments are an important element. Depending on the sponsor’s requirements, the application should be accompanied by: the statute of the organization, an extract from the relevant register, a balance sheet, a substantive report, CV of key persons, etc.