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It affects the yield in the following year. It is important for Home Berry Box reviews to follow the manufacturer’s dosage recommendations. Instructions are available on the fertilizer packages in an accessible graphic form. Watering Watering is a price especially important during the discussion of the fruiting period. If spring and summer are extremely dry plants, they need additional water. This is the Home Berry Box especially important in the fruit season. pharmacy Lack of water can result in small, not very juicy fruit.

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When watering plants during fruiting, be careful not to Home Berry Box Reviews results get the fruit wet, as this can increase the risk of fungal diseases. To increase soil moisture, it is worth using agrotextile, which reduces the evaporation of water from the substrate. We collect strawberries systematically as the reviews ripen. The earliest varieties begin to ripen in the second half of May. We harvest most strawberries in June. The gestation period lasts about 3-4 weeks.

Home Berry Box - review - discussion - results - forumIf we planted varieties that repeat fertility at the end of July or beginning of August, we can once again enjoy strawberries from our own plot. We collect strawberries systematically as they ripen. Don’t pick unripe fruit because it won’t ripen after harvesting. The fruit is best picked on a dry and sunny day. Strawberries harvested in rainy weather are not suitable for storage. If we previously lined the strawberry bed with non-woven fabric or straw, now we can collect clean fruit.

Post-harvest care After fruiting, we slide down the stolons, discussion Home Berry Box forum which weakens the plants. After the harvest, we must not forget about our plantation. We have to remove it regularly and remove the runners. They weaken the plant’s mother cells, taking away valuable minerals and water from them. 2-3 weeks after harvest we can start removing old leaves. We cut them into pieces 5-7 cm high. Removing the leaves reduces the incidence of disease and the new leaves that appear before winter will protect the plants from frost.

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Home Berry Box   - heureka - dr max - zda webu výrobce? - v lékárně - kde koupitIf we have a strawberry plantation that repeatedly bears Home Berry Box eureka its leaves after the first fruit, do not remove them. We should also remember to apply another dose of fertilizer after harvest. Protection from pests and diseases Like all plants, strawberries are susceptible to pests and the occurrence of various diseases. To reduce the risk of whether the manufacturer’s website? disease, we should carry out preventive treatment. The most important thing is to change. We should move the plantation to another place after 3-4 years.

  • After this time, the plants will become more susceptible to diseases in the pharmacy and the yield will be significantly reduced. To ensure a healthy planting, let’s start with the purchase
  • healthy material, varieties resistant to, for example, gray mold. We should also remember to properly care for our strawberries. If diseases or pests appear, let’s start with dr max
  • biological preparations. If these do not help, we can resort to chemical preparations.

We should always choose registered products and use them in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations. We also comply with the recommended grace periods. Home Berry Box Planting strawberries – selection of seedlings Planting strawberries – requirements and growing conditions When to plant strawberries? Preparing soil for strawberries How to plant strawberries? How to plant strawberries on non-woven fabric? When to fertilize strawberries?

Planting strawberries and frost Source: barmalini / shutterstock Source: barmalini / shutterstock Planting strawberries – selection of seedlings It is best to buy strawberry seedlings from a so-called qualified horticultural nursery, i.e. a farm inspected by the State Phytosanitary and Seed Inspection Service. Only buying from a proven farm guarantees that our seedlings are free of pathogenic pathogens.

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Each seedling is characterized by the respective species, class and sale Home Berry Box ratings by variety, which describe the cultivation technology, fruit size and taste. Types of strawberry seedlings Green seedlings (dug) – they are dug from the ground in the fall and early spring and are available to customers at this time. Their selling disadvantage is that the root rating of the bales can dry out between digging and replacement. It also happens that they freeze when planted in the fall, while they do not take hold when planted in the spring.

Home Berry Box   - prodej - cena - objednat - hodnoceníThe first crop they produced is very modest, but their advantage is the low price. Frigo seedlings – they are dug up in winter, when the plants are asleep, and then in leafless form they go to the cold store. They are available from spring to summer and come in 4 grades (A ++, A +, A, B) that differ in size and yield. They are valued for their easy absorption and speed of fruiting (as early as 7-8 weeks after planting). Their disadvantage is the high price.

Seedlings in pots – they are grown in a sterile, order Home Berry Box price phytosanitary peat substrate, which guarantees the health of the plants. These types of strawberries are available from mid-March to mid-October. Thanks to this, they can be planted in the most optimal period, i.e. in July and August. order Seedlings in pots already have a shaped root ball, so when they are planted in the ground, they take root easily. strawberry seedlingsSource:

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Home Berry Box   - jak to funguje? - zkušenosti - dávkování - složeníEduardSV / shutterstockStrawberry seedling varieties Several dozen varieties of strawberries are available at the Polish composition Home Berry Box experience garden market. Many of them are covered by a special license and cannot be reproduced by law, even for personal use. Varieties differ in the size, aroma, sweetness and color of the fruit, the intensity and timing of the fruiting experience, as well as resistance to diseases, pests and frost.

    • Before we choose a variety for our garden, let’s think about what we value most about strawberries and what we want them to serve – for production
    • jams or for preparing fresh desserts? Due to the date of fruiting, strawberries are distinguished: Early – fruiting in the period from the end
    • May to mid-June. These include, for example, the varieties “Clery”, “Kent”, “Vibrant”. Mid-early – fruiting from early June to early July. Varieties like “Korona”,

are worth attention

“Elegance” or giant strawberry. Moderately late-fruiting from dosing Home Berry Box how it works mid-June to mid-July. These include the varieties “Senga Sengana”, “Florence”, “Arosa”. Late – fruits appear from the third decade of June to the end of July. These include the varieties ‘Panon’, ‘Judibell’ and ‘Pandora’. dosage Recurring – fruiting from early spring to late autumn. They mainly come from countries with a warm climate, so they can be sensitive to frost.

These strawberries can be planted in boxes, so they can also have a decorative function in the shop. Among the preparations of repeatedly flowering strawberries are, for example, the varieties “San Andreas”, “Ostara” and “Monterey”. strawberry seedlingsSource: Rudenko Alla / shutterstockStrawberry planting – requirements and conditions of use for cultivationStrawberries are one of the least demanding plants. They can bear fruit quite well in almost all soils, except for wet and very sandy soils. It feels best on the permeable and slightly how to use
acidic substrate (pH 5.5-6.5).


Strawberries are perfectly suited to the Polish climate – the only exception may be varieties grown in warm countries and adapted to constant, relatively high temperatures. For our strawberries, it is worth choosing a sunny, quiet place in the action garden, protected from the wind. Source: EduardSV / shutterstock Source:

EduardSV / shutterstock When to plant strawberries? Thanks to the availability of three types of seedlings (green, frig and potted), strawberries can be properly planted throughout the growing season. Summer (end of July and beginning of August) is considered the best time for planting, but planting plants earlier or later does not reduce our chances of delicious and plump fruits. Green (dug) seedlings are planted in early spring or late autumn.