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The Municipal Health Department (SMS) held this Wednesday (24), at Escola Municipal Dona Júlia Montenegro, the sixth health conference in Caculé, with the theme: SUS for all, planning beyond the pandemic. The meeting was attended by several health professionals in the municipality and aimed to discuss relevant points of primary care and health structuring in the city in the post-pandemic period.

The opening of the conference was attended by several authorities, and by the professional Reginaldo Mendes, who is a health nurse and specialist in health systems and services management. The secretary of the portfolio, the nurse Marilena Gonçalves, spoke of the importance of the SUS and how the humanization of care needs to be taken seriously within the public spaces of care. The event was divided into four axes, which had the rooms full throughout the morning.

The conference started more than a week ago, with the holding of several pre-conferences – held in basic health units, – with the effective participation of people from the community. During the pre-conferences, residents who use the health system were able to give opinions about the progress of services and tips on care, with emphasis on the humanization of the service provided.


The City Hall of Queimadas-PB, the Municipal Health Department (SESAU) and the Municipal Health Council (CMS) held the 2nd Municipal Mental Health Conference this Thursday (10th). The meeting, held at the City Council, brought together representatives of the municipal government, organized civil society and professionals from the municipal health network to discuss public policies aimed at improving mental health in Queimadas.

The conference worked on the theme “Strengthening and guaranteeing public policies: the SUS, mental care in freedom and respect for human rights”, and the speaker was physical therapist Carol Gomes. She is a mental health specialist, councilor and president of the Commission of Health in the municipality of Campina Grande, and has collaborated with the municipality of Queimadas between 2009 and 2012, as a physiotherapist at the NASF and in the organization of the municipal mental health network.

At the opening of the conference, Mayor Carlinhos de Tião highlighted the advances in public health in Queimadas during his administration, highlighting the performance of CAPS and the entire team that makes up the municipality’s mental health network. He also pointed out the importance of the conference for the formulation of new proposals, which will become public policies to guarantee the population’s access to a quality health service.

The municipal health secretary, Josué Casimiro; the president of the Municipal Health Council, Cláudia Simplício; and the coordinator of Caps Queimadas, Estefaní Alves; also highlighted the relevance of the moment for the strengthening of public health as a network of reception, care and respect for citizens’ rights with regard to mental health and the promotion of well-being.

After the thematic lecture, the lecturers organized themselves into work axes to debate, formulate and vote on the set of proposals to be forwarded to the state and national conferences, which will also guide the actions of municipal management in the area of ​​mental health. over the next few years.

The Municipality of Corumbá, through the Health Department, in partnership with the Municipal Health Council, is holding the Municipal Health Conference for the Construction of the Municipal Health Plan 2022 – 2025.

During the opening, the Secretary of Health, Rogério dos Santos Leite reinforced the importance of popular participation “the SUS encompasses both public and private health, its construction is dynamic, there are daily changes based on ordinances. That together, we can discuss the creation of proposals that are viable, many proposals from the previous conference were carried out”.

“With the support of Mayor Marcelo Iunes, we have done a lot in the last 4 years, such as improving care in the rural area, the itinerant pharmacy, support for patients who need to go to Campo Grande for treatment, with buses, accommodation, food, translate. And there is still a lot in progress, such as the post-covid rehabilitation center, the work of the PS, second floor of the CEM and the Women’s Health Center”, adds the Secretary.

The President of the Council, Léia Vilalva de Moraes said “health is not the absence of disease, it is social well-being. The Council has been working in the municipality for 25 years, and in the last 4 years we have been reaping the fruits of a lot of work, the council is not only to supervise, but to propose and join forces in favor of health”.

The councilor and president of the health commission Youssef El Sala, reported “I am happy to be a councilor and to be an effective physiotherapist in the municipality, attending to the settlements, and we see that the service is working at the end. Congratulations to all for the work”.

On the occasion, the President of the Council and the Vice President of the State Council, David Vital delivered a plaque in honor of the servers for the work performed during the immunization against Covid-19.