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Benefits of exercise

As we all know, the benefits of physical activity for our body are many: it lowers blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol in the blood, increases good cholesterol, lowers triglycerides and visceral adipose tissue and, very importantly, increases muscle tone and consequently basal energy. expenses.

Benefits of exercise

Exercise Diet Consistency and regularity are the key words for getting the benefits of physical activity. Three hours of concentrated activity on Sunday is less effective than the same hours spread over several days of the week.

Another important factor is pleasure: our exercise must be fun, not stressful. And maybe different to keep those who get bored easily to continue with the intention.

How to balance sports and daily commitments

Committing to exercise regularly can seem incompatible with the rhythms and habits of many people’s lives. It is not easy to buy time, but with stubbornness you can succeed. The important thing is not to expect yourself to perform exercises beyond your physical capabilities.

Certainly the first step is to realize the importance of physical activity.

Then we can identify three macro categories: for those who have little time but good will: you have to implement small daily tricks to practice almost unconsciously. It’s all about identifying ways to increase muscle utilization. Small tricks can be, for example: you can always take the bus instead of the car, or walk. We always ask ourselves “But is it so far that I can’t walk?”.

If we really can’t avoid using the car, we try to park it far away from where we are going so that we can walk at least 5 minutes. On the other hand, if we take public transport, we can get off one or two stops before ours. It goes without saying that it would be better to take the stairs than to use the elevator. And when we live on the 10th floor, we take the elevator to the 8th floor.

Isn’t taking steps the way to take a step?

for those who have a long time but little willpower: a method that can help overcome laziness could be to have someone follow you, such as a personal trainer, or to engage in physical activity with more motivated friends. Having a dog can also be a great incentive to go for a walk!

Isn't taking steps the way to take a step

For those who have little time and little willpower: these are the most difficult cases and like any difficulty should be experienced as a challenge. Let’s try to “challenge” ourselves, maybe suggest trying to do some physical activity for a limited time.

Habits need to be changed slowly. Especially the more deeply rooted ones.

We therefore find the exercise that best suits our abilities and needs and try to do it regularly and consistently.Running, thinking and nutrition: here are all the tips for successful fitness

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Let’s find out some simple strategies to follow to stay healthy and fit through physical activity and the right mindset

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Being fit and healthy is the goal of every person at every age. A journey that can result in achieving ideal physical condition, successfully implementing some fitness strategies that push you to improve and feel more proud of yourself. Make sure you are on the right track by following: the right motivation, the right nutrition and the inner drive.