Environmental conferences: all about environmental issues!

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Prepare your paper and pen: today is the day to review everything about environmental conferences. Pay attention to the content, as crises related to the environment have an impact today, in addition to being a subject charged at Enem.

The guide we prepared today will help you take a great Geography test. This subject is par excellence the study of man’s relationship with nature. Therefore, it is very important that we learn about the world around us, and thus know how to criticize it.

What are environmental conferences?

The conferences on the environment are responsible for bringing together the greatest leaders on the planet to discuss solutions related to nature conservation and design sustainable development projects.

During the 20th century, the development of science, technology and techniques used in research to observe natural phenomena made it possible for man to detect the damage resulting from capitalist and industrial evolution. Areas of knowledge, such as ecology, already pointed to this discourse in the previous century and consolidated the basis for several scientists to pave the way for an “awakening of ecological awareness”.

This entire process was mainly characterized by the adoption of alternative development practices, which aimed to preserve nature and all its resources. In this context, the major world conferences on the environment emerged, which gather global leaders from time to time.

Where did the first world conference on the environment take place?

A large UN conference, held in 1949, promoted a debate around the conservation and use of natural resources. At that time, they were concerned about the environmental damage caused by pollution generated by industries and cities, in addition to the threats caused by nuclear tests.

All these problems, added to an increasing environmental risk, led to a new meeting in the city of Rome in 1968. Among the various subjects that were discussed, the concern with planning solutions to environmental problems gained prominence.

After these large meetings, the first United Nations conference on the environment was held in 1972 in the city of Stockholm – Sweden. It aimed to make society aware of its relationship with the environment, especially regarding the exploitation of natural resources, air and water pollution.

What is the purpose of environmental conferences?

If you look closely at the environmental imbalances and crises of social injustice to which most people are subjected, you will begin to question the relationship between society and nature. Think about it and you will see that these relationships need to be rebuilt.

Socio-environmental problems raise different positions on the world stage, such as indifference, banal justifications and also the search for alternatives to face these conflicts. In this way, after science pointed to the environmental impacts generated by man, several important leaders took the initiative to try to reverse this situation, thus creating environmental conferences.

Today, these conferences have become a reference in planetary awareness, and aim to discuss socio-environmental issues related to development and nature, in addition to presenting solutions for the future of society.

Environmental and sustainability conferences

The term sustainability has been raising intense debates on the international scene. It proposes the exploitation of natural resources without deteriorating them, always thinking about their preservation for future generations. Due to the environmental problems witnessed in recent decades, being sustainable is an increasingly accepted practice.

During international conferences on the environment, world leaders meet to discuss the relationship between man and nature. Issues such as global warming, holes in the ozone layer and pollution of rivers and oceans are addressed, that is, disasters that, in order to be resolved, require a complete restructuring of society’s mode of production and consumption.

This is where environmental and sustainability conferences come in contact, as the second term appears as a long-term solution and has been gaining great prominence among world leaders.