Energy efficiency and renewable energy

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Energy efficiency and renewable energy

Energy efficiency and renewable energiesCentral Europe is helping urban areas to increase the energy efficiency of building resources in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

The program also supports regional energy planning and supports the use of local renewable energy sources.

News and events

27 November 2014
Calls: closing conference
July 31, 2014
European Commission: higher and achievable energy savings target by 2030
April 17, 2014
Central Europe: study shows that transnational cooperation promotes sustainable energy consumption
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Recommendations for energy efficiency [download PDF]
National biomass research-Slovenia [PDF download]
CESBA Guide [download PDF file]
Basic Knowledge Guide [Download PDF]
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Get an overview of key data and information on energy cooperation in the Central Europe programme.


On this thematic cooperation map, you will learn about the most active regions and the regions that cooperate the most with each other.