The importance of a balanced and varied diet

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There is no doubt that regular physical activity helps to control weight and maintain good physical condition and prevent many diseases such as overweight and obesity.

However, physical exercise alone is not enough.

Many studies have shown that regular physical activity combined with a balanced and varied diet is more effective than physical exercise alone for proper weight loss and health. Therefore, the belief that regular exercise allows you to drink and eat whatever you want without gaining weight is not supported by any scientific evidence.

Samotné fyzické cvičení však nestačí.

Scientific truth:

In order to lose extra pounds and in general for good health, it is necessary to adopt the right lifestyle, which includes constant training consisting of aerobic and anaerobic exercises and a balanced diet of micro and macronutrients. If a proper diet is not followed, all the calories burned during physical activity will be restored by overeating.

Diet for your daily calories

It is important to respect the energy balance, i.e. to know how many calories need to be introduced and how many will be consumed during exercise (see tables). Knowing the calories you need to take in each day to keep from gaining weight isn’t easy, but you can learn by signing up for this completely free weight management program.

With a few clicks, you can follow a delicious menu of the Mediterranean tradition balanced on macro and micronutrients and adapted to your daily calories, as well as a physical activity plan adapted to your characteristics. If you prefer not to eat meat or fish, sign up for this other free program that, in addition to respecting your daily energy needs, also respects animals and the environment.

More protein for good muscles

Sports nutrition should never lack proteins with a high biological value and especially branched-chain amino acids. These are taken up directly by the muscles without passing through the liver and can be used to produce energy or to repair damaged muscle structures.

Branched-chain amino acids are mainly found in foods of animal origin, such as Grana Padano PDO, which contains leucine, isoleucine and valine, as well as an excellent amount of calcium, very important B group vitamins (B2 and B12), vitamin A and minerals with antioxidant function, such as zinc and selenium.

Více bílkovin pro dobré svaly

Grana Padano PDO can be consumed as a main course (50 g) alternating with meat or eggs 2-3 times a week or even every day (10 g, spoon) to flavor first courses, soups and purees. vegetables instead of salt. Remember: If you’re eating and drinking far more total calories than when you hit the gym, you’re far more likely to gain weight than lose weight.

Scientific cooperation Dr. Carolina Poli, nutritionist specializing in food and human nutrition.

Physical activity and nutrition

Regular physical activity and proper nutrition play an important role in the Marinelli method. Exercising regularly is one of the smartest choices you can make for your health. You will experience the benefits of physical activity almost immediately. Anyone can exercise, no matter who you are, how much you weigh or how old you are.

An ideal physical activity would be one that combines two types of exercise, weight training and aerobic activity such as brisk walking, jogging for at least half an hour. In short, it’s important to keep moving at least 30′ a day.

The benefits of physical activity integrated with functional nutrition are many: it improves brain health, better manages weight, helps prevent chronic diseases and helps modulate inflammation, strengthens muscles and bones, improves your focus on daily activities. These are just some of the benefits of daily exercise.