Recommendations for adopting healthy lifestyle habits

Jedním ze základů řešení nadváhy a obezity je podpora zdravé výživy
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One of the foundations of the solution to overweight and obesity is the promotion of a healthy diet

  • To maintain a healthy diet, follow the recommendations of the Food Guide for the Brazilian population from the Ministry of Health;
  • Make fresh or minimally processed foods the basis of your diet;
  • When seasoning and cooking food, use oils, fats, salt and sugar in small quantities and avoid industrial broths;
  • Avoid ultra-processed foods (sausages, sausages, salami and ham, among others) and foods prepared in fried foods (fries, salty snacks);
  • Reduce your intake of sugar, salt and saturated fat;
  • Increase fruit and vegetable consumption;

Increase the practice of movement activities.

A new update on my journey to being healthier and trying to lose 4kg with the help of Bruno Ribeiro, Nutritionist at Holmes Place Clubs.Monday is consultation day. Are they going to measure me and tell me that if I haven’t lost weight, at least I’ve lost weight? The second week was easier mentally, but less physically: I seem to have more hunger and more ‘cravings’.

I thought I was doing a lot worse – two days at an event and a weekend up north – but when Bruno saw the food diary he told me that I was still managing to stay pretty faithful. I actually cut out almost everything that was crackers, crackers , bread, rice and potatoes – I kept the whole wheat spelled couscous. At Levi’s Picnic, this diet meant breaking apart the sandwiches and eating only the cheese and egg inside. And a few more adventures.

But I made it through sheer force of will

At the appointment, we go to Tanita again, we measure everything and the results are encouraging: I lost only 900 g, but I lost 1.9 kg of fat mass and gained 1 kg of muscle mass. It seems to take up a lot of protein: mozzarella, cottage cheese, lots of egg whites (which are bought in packets so the yolks don’t go to waste), tofu, quinoa, lentils…

Ale silou vůle jsem to zvládl

Since I want not only to lose weight, but above all to replace fat with muscles, I have to be careful with fruit: I eat it only before or right after training, so that it is absorbed by caloric expenditure. Otherwise, the sugars remain in the body and turn into fat. I’ve been eating about five or six pieces of fruit a day now and it’s more under control now.

  • Nutritional needs during physical exercise
  • Author: Cristiane Zoller
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Each type of physical exercise uses a different amount of energy depending on its intensity, duration and frequency. Other factors to consider are age, gender, height, level of maturity and your individual characteristics.

The diet will depend on the type and amount of exercise practiced. The more active a person is, the greater their caloric needs, which range from 1,200 kcal to 3,000 kcal per day. However, care must be taken not to consume excess calories, as these excesses will be stored as fat, leading to overweight and obesity.

The body needs all kinds of nutrients to stay healthy. Each of them has a specific function, e.g.

– Carbohydrates: the main function of this group is the supply of energy for cell activity. In doing so, it is very important to consume 50% to 60% of the daily caloric value in the form of carbohydrates and thus have energy reserves for physical performance. Sources of this group are found in sugars and pasta in general;