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Diet, supplementation and exercise. If you cleverly combine all these elements, you will definitely feel it in your body and spirit. A properly balanced diet and supplementation will provide you with better stamina, which means the ability to engage in more demanding exercises. Is it easy to apply these problems in your daily life? Not at all, so it pays to know a few basic rules.


An organism is a complex system of many dependencies. Here it is easy to use the metaphor of a car engine to illustrate. The engine consists of main elements, but also smaller components or microsystems. Regardless of size, each of them must be compatible with the others to achieve the desired effect. All together, nothing apart.

Buying original engine parts, refueling with the right fuel and, above all, taking care of the vehicle according to the guidelines. It is the same with our body. A suitable diet is not a punishment for us, but a recommendation. This recommendation is intended to provide us with all the necessary ingredients to demand extraordinary strength and form from the body.

  • Physical exercises are designed to keep our bodies in good shape or to strengthen them, so that we should be fully functional throughout our lives.
  • Supplementation can be called an internal SPA for our body – it is additional care for its proper functioning. Extracurricular, but how positive in its effects!
  • All these factors contribute to the important question of the length and quality of our lives. It’s no secret that exercise and a suitable diet help us both to function properly and to regenerate the organism.
  • Stagnation is not healthy for him. However, if you are trying hard, you need to take care of the supply of nutrients in addition to the program.


Diet – Supplementation – Training. Each of these questions forms a broad field. A degree in nutrition or a college degree in physical education may not be enough to fully explore these broad topics. The average person who does not devote himself to the above-mentioned topics on a daily basis faces many problems that he cannot answer on his own.

Specialized units, properly educated people with years of experience, are at your fingertips at this moment. Sports, nutrition and supplementation are developing dynamically and with them the services that must exist to meet customer expectations. That is why it is worthwhile not to waste time and go to specialists who will approach each case professionally and personally. That’s the only way to be effective.

Today, it is not difficult to find a contact for nutritionists or trained staff in a good supplement store, who will guide us through the often complex and discouraging excess of information. Just motivate yourself and listen to their advice.


NEJČASTĚJŠÍ CHYBYIn my opinion, the most common mistake of people who start their adventure with systematic training is to “shoot” all matters at once. When someone starts exercising for the first time, their body first begins to struggle with something that is unnatural for it and that it has not dealt with before.

  1. Training causes a reduction in calories.
  2. So if we recommend a restrictive reduction diet at the same time, we have two energy incomes.
  3. Then these inputs cross each other, as a result of which the body loses efficiency.
  4. A person exposed to such experiments becomes demotivated very quickly, because the body is terribly tired and weak. As a result of this process, you may stop exercising altogether.
    • Another classic mistake is overzealousness. I call such people “flares”. Despite the instructions of a trainer or nutritionist, this person decides to add something on his own. More training because I feel strong or less food because I’m not hungry. Often such behavior is associated with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately, enthusiasm dies when there is no immediate effect. In this case, those who start their adventure with training most often write off all the directives from the trainer.