Department of Promotion of Cultural and Creative Industries

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1. The Department for the Promotion of Cultural and Creative Industries is responsible for:

1) Collaborate in the definition of policy and strategies for the development of cultural and creative industries;

2) Propose measures to support the development of these industries, submit them to superior approval and monitor their execution;

3) Plan the management and reuse of cultural resources allocated to the IC, with a view to promoting the development of these industries;

4) Coordinate the public services involved in the promotion and execution of projects within these industries;

5) Disseminate and promote the positive results of the MSAR’s cultural and creative industries;

6) Issuing an opinion on requests for filming authorization and inspecting the respective activities.

2. The Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Department comprises the Cultural and Creative Industries Planning and Development Division.

Division of Planning and Development of Cultural and Creative Industries
The Cultural and Creative Industries Planning and Development Division is responsible for:

1) Define, in accordance with the policies and strategies for the development of cultural and creative industries, the respective implementing measures;

2) Promote the incubation of cultural and creative industries;

3) Monitor the management and reuse of places and spaces allocated to the IC;

4) Organize and monitor specialized research projects within these industries;

5) Develop and monitor regional and international cooperation projects within these industries;

6) Elaborate processes of requests for filming authorization, instruct the processes related to infractions and propose the corresponding measures to be adopted.

The Ministry of Culture (MinC) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) launched, this Monday (23), at Cinearte, in São Paulo, the Brazilian Creative Industries Market (MicBR). About 250 people attended the launch of MicBR, including the presence of national and international authorities. The mega event, which will take place from November 5th to 11th, in the capital of São Paulo, should bring together thousands of Brazilian and South American entrepreneurs in training activities, business rounds and artistic-commercial presentations, in addition to a general audience of approximately 30,000 people. 100 international buyers from 30 countries are expected to participate. Click here to check out the official presentation of the event.

The estimate is that the MicBR will generate an impact of R$ 39.7 million on the economy, according to a study by the Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) carried out at the request of the MinC and released during the launch. Of this total, BRL 28 million is of direct impact and BRL 11.7 million is of indirect impact. “Each real invested in MicBR has the potential to return BRL 9.93 to society, in the form of generating business, income and taxes”, says Sérgio Sá Leitão, Minister of Culture.

According to him, around R$ 4 million are being invested in the mega-event, which will be the first in the country to encourage the integration of all Brazilian cultural and creative sectors in a large, structured, competitive and attractive market for international investors and entrepreneurs. . “Cultural and creative activities already represent 2.6% of Brazilian GDP, generate 1 million direct jobs and encompass more than 200,000 companies and institutions. There is a vast potential for growth and this also involves the internationalization of our talents and our valuable cultural production”, said Sá Leitão.

For the president of Apex-Brasil, Ambassador Roberto Jaguaribe, initiatives such as MicBR tend to dynamize the market and bring new breath to the creative industry at the regional level, in addition to promoting Brazil’s image internationally. “Participating in events abroad, for a country like Brazil, is insufficient.

We need to organize big events here, indoors,” he highlighted. According to Jaguaribe, as the largest economy in the region, Brazil already exerts a natural leadership in favor of undertakings that guarantee advances and a more expressive presence of South American countries in global markets. “The promotion of the regional creative industry generates a multiplier and scale effect, with reflexes on the export agenda as a whole and positive repercussion of the Brazil brand”, concluded the president of Apex-Brasil.