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Recipient indicates a public or exclusive body responsible for initiating or both starting as well as implementing procedures (according to Short article 2( 10) of the CPR benefitting from programme funds).


Capabilities are to be understood as the mix of all the staminas, features and sources readily available within an area, society or organization that can be utilized to achieve arranged objectives (UNISDR, 2009: Terms). They consist of the making it possible for policy, legal and institutional environment consisting of human resources development and the corresponding supervisory systems. Capabilities may consist of facilities and physical ways, establishments, social coping capabilities, in addition to human understanding, abilities and also collective characteristics such as social partnerships, management and management.


Coordination is the synchronization as well as integration of activities, obligations, as well as command and control structures to make certain that sources are used most effectively in pursuit of the specified goals.

Imaginative markets

Are those markets which make use of culture as an input and have a social dimension, although their outputs are primarily practical. They consist of design and design, which incorporate creative elements right into broader procedures, in addition to subsectors such as graphic design, haute couture or marketing (Working group of EU Member States professionals (open approach of control) on social and also innovative markets, 2012: Policy Manual).

Social heritage as well as sources

Cultural heritage is made up of tangible heritage consisting of structures and historic locations, monuments, etc. [1] as well as abstract cultural heritage which describes methods, depictions, expressions, expertise, abilities etc (UNESCO 2003: Convention for the safeguarding of the abstract social heritage).

Social resources comprise both components, the tangible and also intangible cultural heritage, encompassing current society, consisting of modern, cutting-edge and metropolitan society. These sources can be valorised to name a few in social as well as creative sectors

Social markets.

Are those industries producing as well as dispersing goods or services which at the time they are established are considered to have a specific quality, use or purpose which embodies or shares social expressions, irrespective of the commercial value they might have. Besides the conventional arts markets (performing arts, visual arts, cultural heritage– including the public market), they include film, DVD and also video clip, television as well as radio, computer game, new media, music, books as well as press (Working team of EU Participant States professionals (open approach of control) on social as well as imaginative markets, 2012: Policy Manual).

Energy efficiency

Power performance improvements describe a reduction in the power used for a provided solution (heating, illumination, etc) or degree of task. The reduction in the energy usage is generally connected with technical adjustments, however not always given that it can likewise arise from better organisation and also management or improved financial conditions in the sector (” non-technical elements”) (World Power Council, 2008: Energy Effectiveness Plans all over the world: Review as well as Assessment).

Energy planning

Energy planning at the territorial level provides a structure linked to policies and financial growth which thinks about the certain local/regional patterns of power needs and sources functioning as a tool to reduce environment adjustment as well as enhancing sustainability.


Entrepreneurship is to be comprehended as the mind collection as well as process to produce and also create economic activity by mixing risk-taking, imagination and/or technology with audio administration, within a new or an existing organisation (European Commission, 2003: Environment-friendly Paper Entrepreneurship in Europe).

Environmental management

Any kind of activity that keeps the balance of the environment by protecting against contamination and the degeneration of the natural resources, consisting of tasks such as: a) modifications in the characteristics of items and also services, and also modifications in usage patterns; b) adjustments in production methods; c) waste treatment or disposal in different environmental management facilities; d) recycling; e) prevention of landscape destruction (IUCN, 2011: Interpretations).

European transportation network

European transportation networks are to be comprehended in the feeling of the Trans-European transport network (TEN-T) including framework for railways, inland waterways, roads, maritime and air transport, therefore making certain the smooth functioning of the inner market and strengthening economic and social cohesion (Policy (EU) No 1315/2013: Union standards for the growth of the trans-European transportation network). It is established via a dual-layer approach, including an extensive network which comprises the basic layer as well as a core network. The core network includes the strategically crucial parts as well as comprises the foundation of the multi-modal wheelchair network. It focuses on those elements of TEN-T with the highest European added value: go across border missing web links, essential bottlenecks and multi-modal nodes.

Functional city locations

The OECD, together with the European Commission and Eurostat, has actually created a harmonised definition of useful urban locations which gets over previous constraints connected to administrative definitions (OECD, 2012: Redefining Urban: A New Means to Gauge Metropolitan Areas). According to this definition a functional city location is a functional economic device qualified by densely occupied “city cores” and “hinterlands” whose work market is highly integrated with the cores. This meaning originating from work market and travelling factors to consider provides a spatial delimitation past management borders which matters for a multitude of thematic fields, such as an example transportation (e.g. commuting, transport moves and so on), economic development (e.g. work market, critical positioning, etc), environment (e.g. air/water high quality, dirt sealing, uncontrolled development, etc), social (e.g. health care, social real estate etc.).


Administration refers to maintaining sychronisation as well as coherence among a wide range of actors with different purposes as well as objectives (Pierre, 2000). Such stars may consist of political actors and also organizations, interest groups, civil culture, non-governmental and also multinational companies.


Advancement is the implementation of a new or significantly enhanced product (great or service), or procedure, a new advertising and marketing method, or a brand-new organisational technique in service techniques, workplace organisation or outside connections (OECD, Oslo Handbook, 2005: Guidelines for accumulating and also interpreting technology information).

Advancement systems and also actors

An advancement system is to be comprehended as “the network of institutions in the public and economic sectors whose activities and also communications initiate, import, modify and diffuse brand-new innovations (Freeman, 1987)”. The stars of the advancement system consist of stakeholders from the study and also service sector, plan manufacturers as well as public authorities.

Integrated environmental management

Integrated environmental management suggests a detailed technique to natural deposit planning as well as administration that encompasses environmental, social, and also financial objectives. It thinks about the interrelationships among different elements and includes principles of carrying capability, durability and sustainability.


The ingenious tasks of a firm partially depend upon the selection as well as framework of its web links to resources of details, understanding, innovations, practices, and human as well as funds. Each linkage links the introducing firm to other stars in the technology system: federal government research laboratories, universities, policy departments, regulators, competitors, vendors, as well as clients (UNESCO, 2009: Gauging advancement). It is of crucial relevance to develop solid links among all elements running in advancement systems. Nations that cover the development index have boosted affiliations amongst development stars, most especially in scientific research and college and in the general public, private and also not-for-profit fields.

Macro-regional strategy

A macro-regional strategy means an integrated structure endorsed by the European Council, which might be supported by the ESI Finances to name a few, to deal with usual challenges faced by a defined geographical location connecting to Participant States and also 3rd countries found in the exact same geographical location which thus gain from strengthened teamwork contributing to achievement of financial, social as well as territorial cohesion (according to Article 2( 31) of the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation).

Wheelchair preparation

Low carbon mobility planning is to be comprehended as a set of interrelated measures created to satisfy the movement demands of individuals as well as organizations. They are the outcome of an incorporated preparation method and also address low carbon forms of transportation

Multimodal transport.

Multimodal transportation is recognized as the carriage of items by at least 2 different modes of transportation. Intermodal transportation is therefore a certain type of multimodal transportation (according to the European Conference of Ministers of Transportation (ECMT) interpretation). Consequently eco-friendly transport remedies are those allowing a considerable decrease of emissions of carbon dioxide, NOx as well as particulate issue in addition to of noise.

All-natural heritage and sources

As all-natural heritage are thought about all-natural functions, geological and also physiographical formations (including habitats) as well as all-natural sites or exactly defined natural locations. (UNESCO, 1972: Convention concerning the Defense of the Globe Cultural as well as Natural Heritage).

Natural resources are created by nature, generally subdivided into non – renewable energies, such as minerals and also nonrenewable fuel sources, as well as eco-friendly natural resources that multiply or sustain life and also are normally self-renewing when correctly managed, including plants and animals, in addition to soil and water (IUCN, 2011: Interpretations).

Outer region/area

An outer region/area is to be comprehended as a marginalised or badly obtainable region. It has the contrary qualities of a core region. A peripheral region has mainly rural attributes with only few major centres of urbanisation. Most individuals operate in main activities, while task possibilities and also wage degrees often tend to be less than in core areas. Consequently those regions typically suffer from out-migration.

Pilot activity

A pilot activity implies the application of systems of a speculative nature to test, review and/or demonstrate its usefulness with the purpose to capitalise on those outcomes as well as move methods to other establishments and territories.

Public facilities

Public facilities consists of framework that is owned by the public and/or is for public use, consisting of public buildings.

Regional actors

Regional stars are all major stakeholders running at regional level in a details thematic area independently from their legal condition, hence comprising the general public along with the private sector. These industries consist of different sorts of entities such as public administrations, infrastructure service providers as well as operators, single-interest group, NGOs, research centres, education and learning facilities, ventures including SMEs etc.

Regional guest transportation system

A local guest transport system can be specified as the combination of vehicles, facilities, and also operations that make it possible for the motions or satisfy the travel need of people within a specified region.

Renewable resource sources

Renewable energy sources are a varied team of technologies that record their power from existing flows of power, from on-going natural processes, such as sunlight, wind, flowing water, biological procedures, and also geothermal warm circulations.

Smart expertise method

Smart expertise approach suggests the national or local advancement approaches which set top priorities in order to construct competitive advantage by developing and matching study as well as development own staminas to company requirements in order to deal with emerging opportunities and also market advancements in a meaningful fashion, while staying clear of duplication as well as fragmentation of initiatives; a smart expertise technique might take the form of, or be consisted of in, a nationwide or local research and also development (R&I) calculated policy structure (according to Article 2( 3) of the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation).

Social technology

Social innovations are new ideas (products, services as well as designs) that concurrently fulfill social needs (more effectively than alternatives) and develop new social relationships or partnerships (Murray et. al, 2010: Open Publication of Social Innovation). Fields of activity are to name a few function assimilation, social solutions, education and also research study, culture and also recreation, health etc

Lasting growth

Lasting advancement means making use of natural resources in such a way that prevents permanent damage to ecological community structure as well as feature, the loss of irreplaceable features or a decrease in community durability. Environmental passions have to be considered together with social as well as economic rate of interests, so as to protect against the irreplaceable loss of natural attributes, feature or processes as well as to make sure a long-lasting as well as dependable circulation of gain from the exploitation of renewable energies. Delivering such lasting growth will certainly include significant procedures to recuperate ecosystem framework as well as feature, where the flow of benefits is already lowered or impaired, or where ecosystem strength is at risk (IUCN, 2011: Interpretations).

Lasting use

An use respecting the concepts of sustainability, especially using the biosphere by existing generations while keeping its prospective return (advantage) for future generations; and/or the non-declining patterns of economic growth and advancement that might be hindered by natural resource exhaustion and environmental degradation (OECD, 2003: glossary).


Global is recognized as the integration of the following concepts:

  • to guarantee joint task advancement, administration, funding and also implementation;
  • to deal with topics of common passion and also typical benefit;
  • to establish transferable outcomes which can be applied by various actors as well as areas.

Target groups

The target teams concern those people and/or organisations straight positively affected by the tasks and outcomes of procedures. Not always getting an economic give as well as even not directly involved in the operation, the target teams might make use of job outcomes for their own advantages.


A collection of conditions and processes arising from physical, social, economic and also environmental elements, indicating the vulnerability of an area to the effect of threats (IUCN, 2011: Interpretations).