Conferência Ethos

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The first panel will focus on The future of work – challenges and opportunities in the age of digital nomads and will have as keynote speaker Nadim Habib, Professor at Nova SBE. Afterwards, Pedro Rocha Vieira, CEO and co-founder of Beta-i, will talk about Innovation, Rogério Campos Henriques, CEO of Fidelidade, will talk about Seguros and Guilherme Machado Dray, lawyer at Macedo Vitorino & Associados and Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon , will address Work.

A second panel, starting at 11 am, has as its theme The experience of the new reality – the future is now?, starting with the intervention Tom Standage, deputy editor, head of digital strategy and Editor of The World In, The Economist. Then Eduardo Ramos, Executive Director of BRISA and CEO of Via Verde will talk about Mobility, while on Tourism & Leisure will be an investor speaker Henrique de Castro and Steven Braekeveldt, CEO of Grupo Ageas Portugal will cover the areas of Health and Well-being of the insurance industry .

In closing, Margarida Corrêa de Aguiar, President of the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority will speak on behalf of ASF and João Nuno Mendes, Secretary of State for Finance, will speak on behalf of the Government. Held annually since 1999, the Conference Ethos is the biggest event of its kind in Latin America and one of the biggest in the world. The first ten years were marked by the understanding of the topic of social responsibility and sustainability, as well as the role of calling for voluntary commitments. Consequently, the conferences of this period reflected these concerns, which occurred in parallel with the engagement of companies in a movement that promoted profound changes in their management and decision-making patterns.

The second moment of the Ethos Conference was fundamental for the consolidation of proposals for a new economy. The recognition of the limits of the CSR movement, reflected in the difficulty in changing market values, led the Ethos Institute, companies and society to a deep reflection that resulted in the elaboration of a new strategy. A platform was then designed to guide efforts to make the economy inclusive, green and responsible.

In 2013, for its 15th edition, new scenarios were explored. The need to develop new business models became evident, with speed and scale capable of generating competitive advantages for companies. The best way to put the new model into practice was to combine theory with case analysis and business models through rich discussions on modeling, risks, integration of socio-environmental dimensions, accounting and the transnationalization of companies, among other topics.

The debut of the Ethos 360° Conference, in 2014, took place in a circular, open space, with more than 50 activities, including debates and simultaneous lectures, almost 120 speakers and more than 1,100 participants. This edition managed to enthuse the executives present, resuming the organization’s trajectory of innovation, which has become a reference in business management for sustainability, offering new perspectives and proposing commitments that serve as foundations for the consolidation of a more sustainable economy.

Always innovative, the Ethos Conference highlights our role as articulators and promoters of dialogue between companies, business entities, civil society organizations, government and academia to discuss the most relevant national and global trends in sustainable development, applying them to the reality of organizations.

Objectives of the Ethos Conference

• To gather, in a concentrated and dynamic way, cutting-edge knowledge about the main global trends in sustainability, understanding them in the Brazilian context;
• Understanding and treating sustainability as a business strategy and competitive advantage for companies;
• Debate and build business strategies that contribute to increasing the competitiveness of companies and the country;
• Synthesize trends and guide the sustainability and social responsibility movement in Brazil.