Conference, Lecture or Journey: do you know the difference between them?

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The term event alone can encompass several different models of events. But in order for you to show a high level of relevance to your target audience, it is very important that you know the type of event you are going to offer to attendees. And in this sense, it is essential to understand the differences between conference, lecture and journey.

What are the specific characteristics of each one? What is the best option to achieve a certain result? We will help you find these answers and find out which ones relate best to corporate or scientific events. Check out:

1. Conference
To understand how a conference-like event works, we need to pay close attention to the figure of the speaker. That’s because he or she will always be an authority on the topic determined for that conference.

We can therefore summarize the conference as a large meeting, usually of a technical or scientific nature, with the presence of one or more people who have extensive knowledge on the subject.

They can be held individually, attracting the attention of many professionals in the field who see the conference as one of the main events to be held in their field. But it can also happen during the opening of a larger event like a symposium.

2. Lecture
The lecture is very similar to a conference. Its main difference is that it usually takes place within another larger event, where there can be several lectures held at the same time in different rooms or spaces. Because of this characteristic, it is presented to a smaller audience.

But the idea is to have a speaker who makes an approach and presentation on a certain subject, which is based on the general theme for that edition. They can be done within companies too, as well as in the style of motivational speeches. There is an opening for questions from the audience at the end of the lecture.

A clear example to understand how the lectures work: on the 26th of April, the Digital Marketing Forum 2018, promoted by Digitalks, took place in Florianópolis. Its main theme was to talk about the main news and trends in the digital market, and with that focus there were some different lectures. See some of the main ones:

The Era of Experience: The Next Steps of Marketing in the Digital Transformation of Business – Renato Sapiro How to build a strong and beloved brand – Denise Thomazotii
Neuroscience in Digital Marketing: how to activate the consumer’s brain – Wellington Sousa
You can learn more about each lecture by accessing our special content made by Júlia Munhoz who tells everything she learned at the Digital Marketing Forum, an event held by Digitalks.

3. Journey
The journey is characterized by the meeting of professionals from the same area to discuss matters of general interest. It usually lasts a few days and happens periodically throughout the year.

The debates always take place at a regional level and the insights generated during the days of the journey can serve as planning and theme definition for other larger-scale events soon after, such as the TEDx conference for example.

Did you like to know more about the conference, lecture and journey? Did you better understand the difference about each of these types of events? But of course there are many different styles, and you can learn more about some other models like workshop and symposium. To the next!