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  • Short Form: CLUSTERS-CORD.
  • Full name: Collections & Collaboration for Regional Development in Central Europe.
  • Priority: Advancement.
  • Area of Intervention:1.1 Enhancing Framework Conditions for Innovation.
  • Duration: March 2010 – February 2013 (36 months).
  • Total budget:.
  • ERDF contribution: EUR 1.460.334,99.
  • EUR 1.191.117,74.

Collaboration:. Regional Advancement Agency of Usti Region, PLC (Severozapad, CZ), Stuttgart Region Economic Advancement Company (WRS) (Baden-Württemberg, DE), Regional Development agency of Piestany TTSK-RDA TTSK (Zapadne Slovensko, SK), REGIONAL ADVANCEMENT AGENCY CELJE L.T.D. (Slovenija, SI), Mid-Pannon Regional Development Business (Kozep-Dunantul, HU), Regional Development Firm of Bielsko Biala (Slaskie, PL), Upper Austrian Chamber of Business (Oberösterreich, AT), Milano Metropoli Development Company (Lombardia, IT), “ARLEG” S.A. Regional Growth Company (Dolnoslaskie, PL), Centre for research, technology and also regional advancement (Jihovychod, CZ), BSC – Company support centre ltd Kranj (Slovenija, SI).

  • Lead partner: Regional Advancement Firm of Usti Area, PLC (Severozapad, CZ).
  • Lead companion nation: Czech Republic.
  • Contact individual: Ms Dana Krejsová.
  • Address: Velká Hradební 3118/48, 400 02, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic.


CLUSTERS-CORD – Description.

The business and also geographical collections have actually shown to be an efficient local financial growth device, particularly in peripheral/less affordable areas, where the focus of interconnected businesses, providers and associated institution in details fields increases their performance, drives the advancement procedures and also leads to excitement of new businesses. The job CLUSTER-CORD builds on this premise and focuses on promo of the exchange of best techniques in collection monitoring, in addition to the cooperation amongst collections from the same thematic area however different geographical origin, with the development of so called “meta-clusters”.

Regional growth companies and also other company sustaining stars are acting extremely often as collections facilitators, as well supporting stars in clusters services development and promotion. The creation of commercial collections different in between the EU27 countries, whereas in the new member states collections are fairly new tools receiving currently support from structural funding system.

Within the CLUSTERS-CORD the partners, representing the local business supporting stars (e.g. RDAs) have joint their forces in order to boost local capacity in the monitoring and also growth of collections, with the exchange of experiences as well as good methods as well as growth of straight cooperation amongst existing stars.

  • CLUSTERS-CORD – Goals.

The project general goal is to reinforce the teamwork amongst collections from the very same thematic area however various geographical origin, via the creation of 5 Strategic Collaboration strategies which will certainly result in creation at least 3 so called “meta-clusters”. The task has actually selected 10 key industries that will be very closely checked out: Wheelchair & Logistics; Specialist Providers; ICT; Automotive & Aeronautics; Tourist; Health And Wellness Sciences; Energy & Environment; Production Technologies; Timber Industries; Food handling.

The companions will certainly trade their know-how as well as experience related to the local cluster policies that are very important tools creating framework problems for local innovation.

  • CLUSTERS-CORD – Expected Result.

The task foresees to start with the benchmarking activities of local collections as well as regional cluster policies of taking part actors that will cause recognition of the very best techniques. The end results of this task will certainly be summed up in the benchmarking research that will be likewise presented with the details event.

In order to reach the primary goal– to establish 3 metaclusters and to support the teamwork between clusters– the job will bring together clusters managers, cluster representatives, along with relevant choice manufacturers trading regarding the creation of brand-new services and also approaches in addition to potential synergies. Consequently participation contracts in between the clusters must be signed, ensuring future joint tasks as well as their institutionalisation.

  • TASKS.
  • CLUSTERS-CORD – Activities.

Summary of activities:.

Clusters Cable project efficiently underwent the very first year of its execution in the companion areas. While the first duration tasks were pre-dominantly related to the fulfilment of start-up demands and also setting up the administration frameworks and procedures, in the 2nd period of job life the multinational partnership concentrated on the complete study of collections which are the end beneficiaries of the job. The collaboration began to discover the field of job by accumulating info on collections, their ideal techniques and collection advancement policies in the participating areas while using themes customized for this function by the Mid-Pannon Regional Growth Business as well as their specialists. Completely 50 collections, 14 ideal techniques and also 5 cluster policies have been checked out by collaboration while the results will certainly be in the future used for an extensive relative research study. In order to discover more regarding the clusters and the conditions.

they are running in, benchmarking method was established with a large range of indicators enabling obtaining statistically useful data. The method will supply comparative summary of existing collection activities, policies and transferable solutions with special attention to plan propositions. The collaboration has actually up until now checked out 35 collections, 18 finest methods and 3 plans utilizing the benchmarking methodology and also the process still continues in order to assure the exact same high quality as well as quantity of data available for all the partner areas.

As a part of the structure of the basis for collections cooperation, the collaboration organized a Joint launch occasion in Hungarian Szekesfehervar on 30 November and also 1 December where the cluster reps had the initial chance to meet and review their requirements and assumptions concerning the global cooperation and meta-clusters advancement. Based on this meeting, one of the most perspective industries for the meta-clusters production began to.

crystalize, however, the final choice will be based upon the outcomes of the abovementioned benchmarking study. The event additionally explained the sector-specific issues along with the issues crossing fields and also usual for the collections as entities in itself. The event likewise revealed the range of prospective collaboration and also the requirements which the collections wish to have dealt with. At the actual end of the 2nd period the collaboration led by the Milano Metropoli Advancement Firm began to design the activities devoted to gather collaboration as well as introduction of meta-cluster as well as settled on the way how the collections communication will be orchestrated in the adhering to durations.