Annual Conference for Education and Social Development of RePacificar is held in Goiânia

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Secretary Raquel Teixeira participated in the event, which seeks to develop actions to prevent and combat violence in the school environment. The Secretary of Education, Culture and Sport of Goiás, Raquel Teixeira, participated, on the morning of this Friday, 6/9, in the Annual Conference for Education and Social Development of the RePacificar Program, which seeks to develop actions to prevent and confront the forms of school violence. This was the first edition of the conference, broadcast remotely, in real time, to several schools in Goiás. The content will be available within 10 days on the program website.

With the support of Seduce, the conference is another action of the RePacificar Program, which has already held international congresses since 2014, bringing together experts from five continents with experiences in human development. The project promoted a considerable transformation of the reality of the school community, contributing to a positive climate, enhancing the students’ learning conditions and promoting a culture of peace.

“With the growing demand for the educational issue, we created the conference. It’s a variation of the macro event that we already have. Our central theme this year is ‘Education and Family: New Paradigms’. We want to provide society with tools to work on the reframing of conflict. So, much more than this fad of resolving conflict, the focus is on understanding what is causing it”, said the coordinator of RePacificar, Akira Ninomiya Júnior.

For the secretary, the work of RePacificar is evolving. “The project enters a cycle not only focused on the culture of peace, but also on human development. The challenge of this century is the lack of respect between people, which generates conflict in the family, at school and in society. It is very important that the participants of this project come out with scientific and technical notions to know how to diagnose, detect the elements that give rise to conflicts and to know how to deal with it. This way we will be able to create an ecosystem that generates happy people”, said the professor.

Throughout the year, various activities will be carried out to promote the actions of schools, such as the holding of Mandela Day in Goiânia, with representation of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. The second event will be held in Brasília, in June 2018, marking the end of the period for implementing the tools. Successful cases will be presented and honored with the Confucius Educator award.

Apple’s annual conference will go online because of coronavirus

The technology giant’s decision comes after several similar measures taken by companies in the sector such as Facebook, Microsoft and Google. Apple announced on Friday that its annual developer conference in San Jose, California, in June, will be entirely online, citing the “current health situation” in reference to the novel Covid-19 coronavirus.Apple is the latest tech giant to make changes to its software developer conference. Facebook, Microsoft, and Alphabet’s Google have done this before.

Apple’s annual conference typically attracts more than 5,000 attendees. The company said in a statement that it would commit $1 million to local San Jose organizations to offset lost revenue associated with the conference.

The Society for Benefit Cost Analysis (SBCA) invites academics, experts and practitioners from nonprofits, businesses and government to submit abstracts and proposals for panels and workshops for participation in the 2019 annual conference. October 2018.

You can submit a proposal for an individual presentation or organize a full panel. A full panel must consist of a chair, four presentations and a panelist, or three presentations and two or three panelists.

Both individual presentations and panels should address the connection between theory and practice, methods used to estimate certain types of costs or benefits, the application of BCA to specific case studies, the role of BCA in decision making, or any other topic related to the theme. Abstracts must be between 200 and 300 words and proposals must relate to the following areas:

  • Civil and criminal justice
  • education and training
  • Energy, natural resources and the environment
  • Finance and financial markets
  • food and agriculture