Conference – what is it and what is not?

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Do you know what the definition of a conference is? How are you different from the congress or training? Can the conference be called later? We exclude what is and what is not a conference.Conferences, business meetings, training and perhaps a lot of information about how to organize it and how to get through it are not enough in every industry. On the one hand, do you know what the definition of a conference is and what it is like? And what is the conference from the event, congress or workshop?

What is the definition of a conference?

The Polish language dictionary defines it as the meeting of representatives of certain institutions or organizations in order to exclude informed arguments. This means that, in return, it is a question of the location of the place and time in which the group of persons may be able to meet and exchange considerations / views / considerations to the interested party.

In this general definition, the number of conference participants or seats in its organization does not apply. It does not equate to me that the status of all its participants is both and what the role of the delegates is. On the one hand, it does not mean that each meeting is a conference. What’s wrong?

Why are the various conferences since the congress?

Watching the overseas conference industry, the news is no longer so clear. Unusually certain, the bows of most often organized events there, as well as the terminology associated with them, have a huge impact on the industry of meetings in all parts of the world.The English language “Conference” (coherent with the Polish designation of the conference) is also used in English. Why are you different? The hallmark of the congress, in accordance with the definition represented by the IAPCO Meeting Industry, is the regularity of the meetings.

The participants of the congress meet most often once a year (the most frequent sessions) at the sessions, which last from the kilk to the kilk, the days during which they exchange views and considerations on their topic. Meetings about the scientific, political, religious or social character of international regional organizations are commonplace. Congress attendance is available to all qualifying organizations and people. This form of meeting is irrelevant and has only taken place in the district of the program, and its results are widely popularized.

In accordance with the same definition, meetings organized in the context of discussions, problem-solving and consultation. It is lower than mentioned in the previous congress (although a specific number of participants is not considered) and more specifically. Its participants are more likely to exchange information, and their meeting will meet the most common customs duties. I do not have the cyclicality that my speech was more important about.

In all of these definitions, the word “Meeting” takes place. It was accepted that the meeting was planned, organized by the collection of two or more persons with the establishment of a designated cell: exchange of decisions, approval of the establishment, establishment of the procedure. The number of participants is not defined in any definition. Their number is the only marking for the form of meeting. On the one hand, it is important that the customs duty be declared: it cannot be considered for collective collection without a specific assignment.

It should be noted that the concept of meeting is more limited than ever and concludes with the definition of congress or conference presented. There will also be meetings on which the representatives of the specific industry in question have exchanged information or guarantees of trade agreements, or festivals, the whole of which is entertainment and the most common cause.