Conference: everything you need to know about this type of event

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I would like to have a workshop or a conference, a conference on the other level of the organization by part of the responsibilities for the preparation of the event. And it is true that it is essential to find out more that we have no work and that there are positive results in the final event.

It is important that technology can be implemented at conferences as a form of innovation and for the benefit of various benefits for participants, such as:

  • Networking ability;
  • Top dressings;
  • Real-time event and programming monitoring;
  • Diving and cleaning;
  • Curiosities about events and other participants;
  • Information on exhibitors and respondents.

In this way, we will prepare this article to help improve how technology can be implemented during a conference and that the impacts will be needed during the event.

What is a conference?

By definition, a conference is a meeting of people to discuss ideas, problems and innovations on a central theme. There is a difference between simplicity in the world of events, which is very common in two topics related to scientific or academic subjects. The public presented at the general conference and I have an opportunity or a professional relationship at the same time as a proposal, so that the present is just right for the purpose of reporting.

During a conference, you will see the big names related to your learning camp that will go to many offenses in your daily work. They are as superaramous with the success of some obstacles that you can find and share as a prizica.

Why should I participate in a conference?

Conferences deserve new insights and renovate enthusiasm about work or whatever. Many links will help you solve problems that do not help you. At the conference there is also a moment or a relationship with other professionals. You can talk with different people and with different visas to the area.But more than one person in person, you will also be able to refine anterior relations. mark a discount for the duration of the event, or an excellent form of consolidating a share.

What are the main conferences of the world leader?

In order to better understand the conferences, there are some examples that are not in the world:


The conference model is currently up to date and the certified world is TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design). Its first edition was idealized by Richard Saul Wurman and the 1984 EUA.

Since then, the conference has been characterized by a full range of high-profile palestras, as well as the 2009 TEDx format surgery. Differentiated by TED, which is the big conference ever held by TEDx, can be done in any place.

They are available in a menor format, an independent fashion organization, following the pre-requisites established at the event. I am popularizing and allowing more than 20 miles of workplaces to work around the world.

Google I / O

The Google I / O is an annual conference hosted by Google for the development market, principally related to its operational system, or Android. She was born in 2008 at the city of São Francisco, California.

But there are new news that developers can create new systems and apps, or Google I / O, as well as innovation innovation that will take place in the big public. In addition, this is one of the conferences that can have a great online audience. We can share news and technologies at the 2018 conference in our special content on the event.

Data Driven Business (DDB)

The Data Driven Business, owned by DDB, is a conference located in Brazil, in the capital capital of Florianópolis, for professionals in the Big Data area. It will require participants to invest in the market without simplifying the business and meeting the results.

Confess in the video or that the best meeting at the 2018 conference, which includes the participation of large companies in these markets, such as Microsoft, Linkedin and the city of the great Brazilian tennis player Gustavo Kuerten.