What to eat after physical exercise on an empty stomach

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As a benefit, I immediately noticed an improvement in my sleep and this results in better physical and mental performance during the day, better mood, better memory. Also, while I used to need an afternoon nap after almost every lunch, now I do it very rarely and this is a big change for me!

I train in the morning on an empty stomach for at least 16 hours and this has no effect on strength or high-intensity training.

I also find more stability in my appetite levels, rarely experiencing intense hunger

I notice more strength and energy in the gym, while in terms of physical appearance, I find it much easier to maintain a low body fat percentage while maintaining excellent strength levels. Finally, the skin also looks better.”

Také nacházím větší stabilitu v úrovních chuti k jídlu, jen zřídka pociťuji intenzivní hladIf you have been training with strength and high-intensity exercises, you need specific nutrients that can optimize cell repair and muscle recovery. One of the richest and most effective foods is whey powder, rich in leucine, which also prevents age-related muscle loss.

Whey is a branched-chain amino acid that has multiple functions, including signaling to mTOR that new muscle needs to be built. About 8/10 grams of leucine spread throughout the day is needed, and whey provides about 10% leucine (100 grams contains 10 grams).

Consuming them one hour after training will therefore allow you to optimize muscle reconstruction.

If training on an empty stomach scares you or you feel a too significant drop in energy, you can consume powdered serum 30 to 60 minutes before exercise. This, of course, without stimulating insulin with too large a meal and avoiding sugars, which are the worst fuel you can have before exercise.

All this combined before and after with healthy fats and superfoods for a simple, highly digestible meal.

Your weekly menu

Ketogenic diet and sports: menu In order to move into practice, I have prepared for you a sample of a weekly menu for athletes from breakfast to dinner. It combines all the points we’ve talked about and includes over 27 quick and delicious ketogenic recipes that are perfect for burning fat and boosting performance.

Keto-friendly pre-workout supplements

If you do sports at a competitive or amateur level, but intensely and constantly, the ketogenic diet is a good supplement with a continuous supply of proteins, minerals, superfoods and fats.

Vaše týdenní menuHealthy saturated fats are the only ones that can help your body restore the vital energy that you have spent and depleted through physical activity, especially after long endurance runs.

You can also prepare daily mixes that can be alternated between pre- and post-gym snacks: with the right diet and some superfoods, you can achieve excellent results both in terms of performance and fitness.

  • Enrich your snacks with animal or vegetable protein, whey protein, hemp protein, chia seeds, sunflower and pumpkin protein.
  • Enrich them with quality superfoods such as Maca, Cacao, Baobab, Maqui, Acai, Spirulina, Chlorella.
  • Energy drinks and snacks for athletes
  • Ketogenic diet and sports snacks

As energy drinks, you can use very convenient Keto Shakes, which contain only proteins (especially whey) and coconut water, i.e. deep hydration and nutrition. They do not contain superfoods and can be taken alone with hot water and healthy fats or with the addition of fruits and berries.

Another source is mulberry blackberry, berry mix (a mix of all the simply delicious berries) or cocoa mix, which also contains cocoa nuggets and also mulberry blackberry: all of these go well with cocktails.