What and how much food to eat during the day or days?

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Foods with a low glycaemic index include fruit and vegetables, legumes, milk and cereals. And in this regard, it should be emphasized that a diet associated with sports can actually contribute (in addition to muscle growth and reduction of body fat) to lowering blood sugar levels.

Adequate amounts of low glycemic index carbohydrates to fuel your body are then linked to proper replenishment of vitamins, mineral salts, fiber and other nutrients for the body. In addition, introducing low glycemic index foods, such as those high in protein, prevents hunger pangs and contributes to weight loss.


And what can you eat before exercising? Here are some tips.

The first piece of advice is to avoid fasted sports, which is immediately followed by another one that reminds you not to hit the gym before entering. So the solution between “eat yes” and “overeat no” is to carefully choose the right pre-workout diet, the right amount of food and a diet suitable for your lifestyle.

The correct dietary program for athletes is to respect three main meals plus two snacks or snacks per day, which are able to satisfy the daily caloric requirement that the human body needs to better stimulate metabolism.

A co můžete jíst před cvičením? Zde je několik tipů.

Beware of those who advise you to fast before practicing sports, whether it is more or less intense, including yoga. Many say they go for a run in the morning as soon as they wake up without having breakfast.
There is nothing wrong and it is not true that it speeds up the metabolism, at most it increases the desire to run home to have breakfast with a thousand cookies and various snacks!

A nutritionist, a good personal trainer or any other professional would tell you to avoid fasted sports and at least have a snack (energy bars or protein snacks are ideal for chasing away the feeling of hunger and giving you the right and indispensable energy boost. and nutrition).

So make a list of foods that you generally love and are consistent with movement and therefore highly digestible, with good energy and a preponderance of macronutrients such as carbohydrates and protein.

You want some examples?

So, for lunch or dinner, a turkey breast or a nice grilled or roasted chicken breast along with a plate of brown rice will give you energy but very low fat. And again, whole grain crackers eaten for breakfast with a spoonful of honey and a glass of vegetable drink are high in slow-release fiber, which means they will retain energy for quite a long time. The same goes for toast stuffed with white meat and salad or a ham and rocket sandwich eaten on your lunch break at work.

Let’s start with breakfast, which must be sacred for everyone, especially for early morning exercisers. Sacred in the sense that it is one of the basic tenets of a healthy and balanced diet.

In fact, it’s a good idea to never skip breakfast, the most important meal of the day: at night, the metabolism, even if it slows down, continues to burn fat and in the morning it needs the right energy to start all daily activities. for maximum energy.

So don’t exercise on an empty stomach, but those who exercise in the morning should get up a little earlier to have a good breakfast, with foods rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential elements for our well-being.

Chcete nějaké příklady

So the first meal of the day might consist of a glass of digestible milk such as Zymil Bio Milk, a vegetable drink such as soya milk, or fat-free yoghurt or a cup of tea, accompanied by fresh seasonal fruit. biscuits or crackers, or even pancakes with jam or honey, or cereals, especially oats, which are a revitalising cereal.

In fact, oats are the cereal that contains the highest levels of protein and important amounts of fibre, so eating oatmeal for breakfast, for example in porridge, not only helps to maintain balanced glycaemic control, but also helps with bowel regulation

In addition to being a wholesome and nutritious meal, porridge is also particularly good for those who train in the morning.

In fact, it can be prepared in the evening before going to bed so that you have a ready breakfast in the morning and have plenty of time to enjoy it with pleasure. The cold version of porridge is known as night porridge precisely because you won’t need anything else in the morning before