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Also important is a sufficient and generous intake of healthy fats, precursors of steroid hormones, useful for building new healthy cells and for the absorption of many key micronutrients useful for building muscle.

Healthy fats also avoid chronic inflammation, which is the cause of muscle loss and difficulty recovering after exercise.

Fresh and balanced proteins and healthy fats of excellent quality should always be accompanied by good portions of cooked vegetables, which are the most delicious and digestible form of carbohydrates.

Vegetables are also an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, which are valuable for the intestinal microflora.

While seed oils, which are loaded with omega 6 and potentially pro-inflammatory, trans fats and junk foods should be avoided.

How to sleep

Most energy and muscle regeneration takes place during sleep.Jak spát

  • However, it’s something we often don’t pay enough attention to and it’s the first thing we cut back on in order to afford an active and lively life.
  • Professional basketball players, for example, have been known to sleep up to 12 hours after an important game or intense training session.

So plan to sleep 8 hours straight starting before midnight for as many days as you can and stick to that sleep schedule, especially during the week or before a big commitment.

Behavior to avoid to avoid damaging sleep

Avoid anything that can affect the quality and duration of your sleep, such as going to bed late, drinking alcohol in the evening, or eating large meals right before bed.

Remember that the minimum safe distance between your last meal and bedtime should be three hours.

Also, avoid exposing your eyes to artificial light, TV or computer screens after 9pm and remember that you can get excellent protection by shielding them with safety glasses.

Extremely useful for ensuring excellent circadian rhythms and correct cortisol levels (high in the morning and low in the evening, which guarantees healthy sleep) is the habit of exposing your body to sunlight after waking up and in the morning.

Chování, kterému je třeba se vyhnout, aby nedošlo k poškození spánkuDeep and sufficient sleep is an important regulator of our circadian rhythms, the elaborate internal clocks of all our organs and hormones, on which muscle building and the accumulation of precious life energy depend.

If your sleep is disturbed, analyze all the factors that can damage its quality and implement all the best strategies to allow you to sleep well.

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