Central Europe annual event 3-4 December verona italy first announcement

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On 3-4 December, the University will hold an edition of the conference on the topic of work in environmental protection at the campus Auditorium. The conference, which has so far been known under the title “Jobs in Environmental Protection: An Environmentally Friendly Career,” this year is called “Working in Environmental Protection.”

The event is aimed at students, graduates of environmental protection and related fields, such as biology, environmental engineering, energy, and all those interested in the subject. Previous editions of the conference were highly regarded by both the academic and high school communities.

A chance to meet future employers

The aim of the conference is to familiarize the audience with the topic of environmental work and encourage future job searches in the profession. The speakers are companies and institutions involved in environmental work. In their speeches, representatives of companies and institutions refer to the scope of their duties in the represented units, talk about their career paths and the difficulties associated with it, encourage participation in internships, apprenticeships and volunteering.

Central Europe annual event 3-4 December verona italy first announcementThey also present the specifics of the institutions and, above all, encourage the audience to apply for jobs and show the realities of working in environmental protection. During the breaks, conference participants have an incredible opportunity to talk and make personal contacts with employers. Registration for the conference is open until April 30. Link to the event on Facebook with the registration link and details.

The following companies and institutions will participate in this year’s “Jobs in Environmental Protection” conference: Ministry of the Environment, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, the Institute for Sustainable Development Foundation, the Bank for Environmental Protection Foundation, the Environmental Protection Bureau ., the Industrial Institute of Automotive, the National Society for the Protection of Birds, the National Park and traditionally the General Directorate for Environmental Protection.

The organizers of this year’s conference are students of environmental protection at the Institute of Ecology and Bioethics, belonging to the Scientific Circle of Naturalists, formerly known as the Scientific Circle of Sozologists. The originator and initiator of the two previous editions of the conference was a graduate student of environmental protection. At that time, the conference was organized in cooperation between the Scientific Circle of Sozologists and the Environmental Protection Alumni Association.

How to take care of the earth?

More and more people are becoming aware of the deteriorating state of our planet. No wonder, after all, we are at a point where we ourselves are beginning to see the first signs, such as climate change. Somewhere in the history of mankind, we forgot that, after all, we exist for the Earth, not it for us. That’s why we should start taking care of her and taking care of the environment. You don’t have to immediately abandon everything you’ve done so far in life. Check out our tips and learn how to take care of the earth!

Why is taking care of the environment so important?

How to take care of the earth?

Many people think that ecology is not something worth investing time and effort in because it doesn’t concern them. Without seeing the direct effects of a changing climate, they often don’t realize how everything is connected. The melting of glaciers may not be felt by us at the moment, but such changes do not happen in one day. It’s a gradual process, the effects of which we can try to minimize.

How to take care of the earth?

Even the small changes you can make in your daily life are important. Many of them will not only allow you to live in harmony with the environment, but will also help you save money. This is also the reason why we should strive to minimize as much as possible the actions that are negative for the environment and the planet. Both you and our Earth will benefit. Below are tips that you can start gradually implementing into your life.

Remember that if you impose too many changes on yourself in too short a time, you can easily become discouraged! Therefore, gradually introduce new habits that will make your life easier and thus help the world a little!

How else can you change your habits for the better?

  • Donate electronic garbage and batteries only in designated places. Don’t throw them in the general trash!
  • Collect waste paper.
  • Use returnable bottles whenever possible, and dispose of glass in appropriate containers.
  • Buy products packaged in glass, not plastic (when possible).
  • Do not dispose of solvent or paint packaging in trash containers.