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  • Short Form: CEP-REC.
  • Full name: Introduction of Regional Power Concepts.
  • Concern: Environment.
  • Location of Treatment:3.3 Supporting making use of Renewable Energy Resources and also Raising Power Performance.
  • Period: October 2011 – April 2014 (31 months).
  • Overall budget:.
  • ERDF contribution: EUR 2.164.900,00.
  • EUR 1.732.298,70.
  • Collaboration

Power and Environmental Centre Allgaeu (eza!) (Bayern, DE), EC Power Facility Lipizzanerheimat LTD (Steiermark, AT), European Center for Renewable Energy Güssing Ltd. (Burgenland, AT), Ministry of Sector and Profession of the Czech Republic (Praha, CZ), Energy agency of the Zlín Region (Stredni Morava, CZ), WWF GLOBE WIDE FUND FOR NATURE Hungary (Kozep-Magyarorszag, HU), Ministry for National Development as well as Economic Situation (Kozep-Magyarorszag, HU), Province of Torino (Piemonte, IT), Setting Park S.p.A. (Piemonte, IT), FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA AUTONOMOUS Area Central Directorate for Money, Properties and also Programming (Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, IT), Mazovia Power Firm (Mazowieckie, PL), Regional Centre for Technology and Modern Technology Transfer Ltd (Swietokrzyskie, PL), Italian-Slovak Chamber of Business (Bratislavsky, SK), Trnava Self-Governing Region (Zapadne Slovensko, SK), Aries Special Firm of the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste (Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, IT).

  • Lead companion: Power and also Environmental Centre Allgaeu (eza!) (Bayern, DE).
  • Lead companion nation: Germany.
  • Get in touch with individual: Mr Martin Sambale.
  • Address: Burgstraße 26, 87435 Kempten (Allgäu), Germany.

CEP-REC – Description.

The classic central energy systems based upon fossil fuels as well as nuclear power have a central supply dispersing the energy to the customers. Unlike this, renewable resources as well as power effectiveness need the activity of several persons, citizens, municipalities as well as ventures in order to succeed. On top of that the acceptance of the population plays important function in the change towards renewable energies. Subjects like wind energy wind turbines in a tourist area already spark questionable conversations amongst the residents. The objective of the job is to overcome this suspicion of the public to renewable resources generally as well as to foster consensus on their usage by public.

  • CEP-REC – Purposes.

To safeguard a risk-free, affordable as well as eco-friendly power supply is a critical target of the job. The job’s particular objectives are the visualisation as well as metrology of power demand at the regional/local degree as a first step in the initiative to advertise renewable resource sources; the mobilisation of the endogenous power and also organization capacity as assurances of sustainable energy supply.

The project also readies to support the conversation on the regional energy demand and also supply and the negotiation on the strategy and the promo of the instrument of the REC as a prerequisite for lasting energy supply at the local, regional, nationwide and European degree.

The primary actions in the very first part of the project are the mapping and also evaluation of the existing situation and possibility of the idea areas, along with the analysis of the local power need as well as supply. After that the harmonisation of the findings and information will be recognized in order to establish a thorough REC. One of the primary goals as well as anticipated outcomes of the job is to establish a minimum of one energy idea per concept region in each taking part country.