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  • Short Form: CERREC.
  • Complete name: Central Europe Repair Service & Re-use Centres as well as Networks.
  • Concern: Atmosphere.
  • Location of Intervention:3.4 Sustaining Eco-friendly Technologies as well as Activities.
  • Period: April 2011 – July 2014 (40 months).
  • Overall budget:.
  • ERDF payment: EUR 2.898.288,00.
  • EUR 2.269.713,00.

Collaboration:. Community Waste Management Organization Mid-Tyrol (Tirol, AT), CZ Biom– Czech Biomass Association, civil association (Praha, CZ), Bay Zoltán Foundation for Applied Research Study (Eszak-Magyarorszag, HU), ARGE Waste Prevention, Resources Defense and also Sustainable Advancement Ltd. (Steiermark, AT), bag arbeit e.V. – National umbrella organisation of social-integration-enterprises (Berlin, DE), LAMORO Advancement company (Piemonte, IT), Slovak University of Innovation in Bratislava, SPECTRA Centre of Excellence (Bratislavsky, SK), Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship (Kujawsko-Pomorskie, PL), District of Rimini (Emilia-Romagna, IT).

CERREC – Description.

Repair and also reuse are necessary methods to raise sustainable usage of products and products for the same or a similar usage. Fundamentally it is a collection and also redistribution, where products, which are no more wanted/needed by one customer, like for instance computer systems or furnishings, are provided to those who want/need them.

The challenge is to turn the reuse-sector to a core section of waste monitoring and also to bring it to a wider mainstream to meet the goals of European environmental policies and also laws.

„ Reuse” is additionally a core objective of the Waste Framework Regulation (WFD; Instruction 2008/98/EC on waste, Nov. 2008). “Preparation for re-use” was presented as a brand-new kind of waste therapy with the purpose to generate pre-owned products out of waste. As a result the WFD recommends Member States to create and foster „ recognized repair service and reuse-centres as well as networks”.

The obstacle is to turn the reuse-sector to a core segment of waste management as well as to bring it on a wider mainstream to fulfill the objectives of European environmental policies and also regulations. The project CERREC focuses on tackling this issue with implementing repair service and re-use networks and centres adjusted to the specific conditions of the getting involved Central Europe states.

  • CERREC – Goals.

General goals of CERREC project are payment to environmental goals of minimisation of emissions, waste and also use of natural resources, promoting sustainability and also waste avoidance by promoting longer use products, strengthening Central Europe by creating employment in the field of re-use, closing social voids by giving cost effective previously owned goods to individuals with low earnings and developing regional added worth with certified repair work as well as repair.

For that several tools will certainly be developed like ideas for reuse networks and also centres, a top quality basic guideline, as well as a manual defining an accreditation system. Moreover, a raised use of „ re-use-products” likewise fosters even more eco-efficient production processes by favouring the buying of better as well as easy repairable products with longer life-cycles.

CERREC will develop tools like site and also re-use device box which will certainly be functioning tools for all stars executing re-use actions also after the task. Global stakeholder plan statement will certainly be developed, which will represent the basis for harmonised nationwide CE re-use plans.

Handbook for accredited regional re-use networks and also manual for recognized re-use centres will be released and advancement of requirements and growth of certification system will certainly be produced for wide re-use application in CE during and also after the job.

The CERREC tasks will certainly concern to the varied regional and also regional circumstances worrying supply, demand as well as architectural strategies. An additional primary activity is to establish concepts for the certification of re-use and also repair work centres and also networks. Associated pilot actions will comply with along with top quality common guidelines and also certification systems and a transnational re-use exchange system.

Through production of multinational exchange system for fixing as well as reuse CERREC will certainly implement fixing as well as re-use networks as well as centres adapted to the details local problems. With help of re-use activity plans as well as transnational re-use plan statement of stakeholders the task will lead to reducing of exhausts as well as waste, protecting against from waste and also extending item life process.

It will additionally aid to create jobs in the fields of repair as well as reuse.

This will strengthen regional exclusive SMEs in various branches like waste monitoring, computer-service, mechatronics, carpentry, auto mechanics, furniture, fabrics, pre-owned trade, as well as public and also social ventures, hence maintaining the acquiring power within the area and also enhancing the local competitiveness in addition to closing social voids by offering budget-friendly pre-owned goods to people with reduced revenue. Repair service as well as repair will produce added values on a local and regional degree. And also most importantly through reuse as well as repair work lasting usage will be favorably enhanced.

Recap of activities:. The primary goal of CERREC is to foster the execution of local fixing as well as re-use centres and also networks. For that reason unique initiative was done to bring the method to stakeholders and additionally to general public. In a very first step all task companions have actually carried out a study on nationwide re-use conditions that resulted in 7 nationwide reports.

Results showed that the problems for re-use are rather various in between getting involved nations (Austria, Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Italy). Additionally from the extremely starting stakeholder involvement procedure have actually been started by the single task partners in their countries.

  • Within a number of conferences the present status, the lawful circumstance and also feasible approaches have actually been discussed with experts and authorities. The successful progression of these process showed the value and also demand of this sustainable project.
  • As in some countries the technique of re-use networks is brand-new the well established Good-Practice-Database functioned as a valuable device to provide a clear picture about the aims and possibilities relating to re-use centres and networks.

In the meantime an initiative on a Global Policy Statement (TPS) was introduced from task partners as well as linked professionals. The TPS is available on CERREC web site and also can be authorized on the internet to sustain the initiative. In nearly all nations the stakeholder engagement processes led to first factors to consider to begin pilot actions in order to produce regional re-use networks.

The application procedure to carry out pilot activities has actually started in the districts of Tyrol as well as Burgenland (AT) and also in district of Emilia Romagna (IT) and also is helped by previously established business plans. There, representatives of waste monitoring and work-integration-social-enterprises have initiated precise participations for pilot phase.

In the meantime very first pilot activities have been performed in district of Tyrol as well as district of Emilia Romangna. These pilot actions contains “re-use collection days” performed in numerous communities (Tyrol) or on a certain collection point in Rimini (Emilia Romagna).

The quantity of collected products in addition to initiatives are kept an eye on in order to examine the pilot phase. Pilot activities are also of great interest for examining the high quality requirements and also ideas for a certification system that have actually been exercised within CERREC within running project phase. Quality standards along the re-use procedure chain have actually been defined and summarised in a guidebook. To assure the sustainability of results gained from CERREC a web-based Transnational Exchange Platform was developed. The until now established examination version is offered for evaluating the useful use. In order to develop an EEIG till the job finish a draft idea and a business plan was developed.