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  • Short Form: BICY.
  • Full name: BICY– Cities & Regions of Bicycles.
  • Top priority: Access.
  • Area of Intervention:2.3 Encouraging Sustainable and Safe Flexibility.
  • Duration: February 2010 – January 2013 (36 months).
  • Overall budget plan:.
  • ERDF contribution: EUR 2.061.213,75.
  • EUR 1.633.692,91.

Collaboration:. Province of Ferrara (Emilia-Romagna, IT), District of Ravenna (Emilia-Romagna, IT), DISTART-Institute of Transportation Engineering-University of Bologna (Emilia-Romagna, IT), Kosice Self-Governing Region (Vychodne Slovensko, SK), Local Government Budaörs (Kozep-Magyarorszag, HU), Regional Development Centre of Koper (Slovenija, SI), FGM-AMOR Austrian Flexibility Research Study (Steiermark, AT), bike developement project bicycle club (Steiermark, AT), Community of Velenje (Slovenija, SI), European Advancement Company (Praha, CZ), Europa Program Centre (Thüringen, DE).

BICY – Description.

BICY came from by the will of regional, regional authorities & research bodies involved to attest a softer and sustainable design of movement in Central Europe, centered on diffusion of bicycle.

As a matter of fact, unsustainable traffic jam and air pollution are a leading fixation for a big part of European citizens (a number of them invest years of their life in day-to-day traffic jams), generally in CE where flexibility is frequently associated with a growing exclusive motorisation.

Thinking about that approximately 80 percent of all metropolitan journeys are for distance by less than 5 kilometers, it is clear that a broad as well as comprehensive use of bikes would provide a huge payment to decreasing automobile traffic jam, air pollution and for this reason the emission of CO2 (caused by one/fifth in EU by roadway website traffic), with terrific favorable results on wellness & combating climate modification.

Simply put, biking mobility (along with walking and also in combination with public transport) must be advertised as one of the most lasting, environmental, as well as, under particular conditions, healthiest as well as best means of movement.

BICY – Purposes.

The job’s basic objectives face an immediate common concern of passion for the getting involved CE areas: the accomplishment of a greater sustainability in transportation. As many surveys highlight, people are really practical to the problems positioned by website traffic cars and truck congestion, particularly in metropolitan locations, both for the day-to-day waste of time brought on by it and health and wellness repercussions on breathing apparatus along with results on the international climate modification.

The achievement of BICY’s purposes will certainly enable the getting involved locations to get to a higher level of communication in sustainability of their flexibility systems. Particularly, the late-runners will certainly lay down the theoretical and also personnel basis to establish a sufficient bike infrastructure and a detailed movement planning with biking at the centre, whilst the minor advanced areas and the front-runners will certainly enhance their existing cycling systems as well as their assimilation with public transportation.

A lot more exactly, BICY will certainly go after these specific goals (and also relevant actions): establish a meaningful & incorporated urban-regional bike preparation as critical part of the whole urban-territorial planning; advertise bike as a crucial enhance of public transportation;

  1. elevate understanding of local decision manufacturers & residents concerning bike as a comparable means of urban transportation, a valid replacement of car for much shorter journeys;
  2. promote the image of bicycle as contemporary, eco-friendly & much safer methods of transportation (rather than inadequate vector of the past);
  3. enhance the front-runners experience as well as, at the same time, allow plan manufacturers & appropriate stakeholders of dragging locations to learn from the firsts;
  4. generate, share & exchange reproducible new ideas, approaches & experiences;
  5. supply quantitative evidences (unbiased data) via combined signs, that a widespread modal shift towards cycling (as well as walking) does indeed enhance life high quality.

BICY – Expected Outcome.

The trans-national and multi-stakeholders context of BICY, a sort of trans-national problem-based discovering system, will enable each partner to pick up from pitfalls, drawback and also barriers along with from effective ideas of other nations, and likewise to discover how services work in different cultural contexts.

Main outcomes and also results will certainly be the discussion of SWOT analysis, the establishment of typical indications, the realisation of research sees as well as training activities, the interpretation of a trans-national technique for cycling harmonization as well as a collection of execution measures based on teamwork with companions in various countries.

BICY – Tasks.

Summary of activities:.

Based on the assumption that several city problems including traffic jam, air and also sound pollution could be addressed with the promo of bike web traffic, the CENTRAL EUROPE project BICY– Cities and also Areas of Bicycles intends to do just that: to promote everyday cycling.

Because its begin in February 2010 BICY, with partners from 11 regions of 8 Central Europe countries, has stimulated favorable processes in public organizations & locations entailed and promoted a blood circulation of experience (and for this reason a merging) of cycling society in between the front runner cities Ferrara & Graz and also the new comers.

The BICY task relies upon utilizing the ideal mix in between research visits, research, training seminars with certified specialists to share academic in addition to sensible expertise among job companions, stakeholders and choice manufacturers. As a result of this continual mutual knowing process the project partners remain in the procedure of developing their regional/local cycling techniques.

Based on these strategies along with on typical indicators the University of Bologna is specifying a multinational cycling technique with referrals on exactly how to promote biking in Central Europe.

  • In total more than 10.000 surveys have actually been evaluated for this.
  • The potential for cycling is high, also in forerunner cities like Ferrara and also Graz, as every second automobile trip in metropolitan areas is much shorter than 5 km as well as for that reason could be done by bike.

As conserve bicycle vehicle parking is an essential issue for several companions as well as a measure that assists to verifiably promote biking a pamphlet on bike parking and also burglary prevention has actually been generated as well as translated in 7 European languages. It can be downloaded totally free on the project website:

An additional crucial device that has been established as well as translated into 8 languages is the pamphlet “20 good reasons for cycling”. It is meant for stakeholders and also decision makers and also showcases the benefits of biking and supports favorable arguments for biking with realities and numbers.

On the website, visitors can locate interesting news as well as appropriate information in addition to a collection of brochures developed, upgraded and produced throughout the project. The brochure “Bike parking as well as theft prevention” is available in 7 languages and the pamphlet “20 great factors for cycling” is also available in 8 languages. On top of that, biking maps are available of nearly all companion locations.

Currently the companions are associated with the development of pilot tasks, that include cutting-edge solutions like the setup of bike counters in Ferrara, intermodal services for bike and rail via car park centers in Ravenna, a resort rental bike system with Pedelecs in Graz, a bike rental system in Velenje and video clip and also alarm devices for secure bike car park in Budaörs. Educational activities targeted at kids will sustain the sustainability of the activity.