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  • Short Form: Standard and also wild
  • Complete name: Advertising traditional collection as well as use of wild plants to lower social and also financial differences in Central Europe
  • Top priority: Competition.
  • Location of Intervention:4.3 Capitalising on Cultural Resources for Even More Appealing
  • Cities as well as Regions.
  • Period: May 2011 – April 2014 (36 months).
  • Overall spending plan:.
  • ERDF contribution: EUR 1.171.810,00.
  • EUR 996.038,50.

Collaboration:. Corvinus College of Budapest (Kozep-Magyarorszag, HU), WWF WORLD WIDE FUND FOR NATURE Hungary (Kozep-Magyarorszag, HU), Town Citizen Authority Kunadacs (Del-Alfold, HU), South-Transdanubian Regional Resource Centre Nonprofit LTD (Del-Dunantul, HU), Organization for Development as well as Promotion of Podkarpackie Voivodeship “PRO CARPATHIA” (Podkarpackie, PL), Development Company Kozjansko (Slovenija, SI), Institution Fundation BIT Planota (Slovenija, SI), Mendel University in Brno (Jihovychod, CZ), Regional Agrarian Chamber of The South Moravian Region Brno (Jihovychod, CZ).

Typical and wild – Description.

Plants as well as natural herbs have actually been utilized as a medication considering that ancient times in pretty much every culture. Gathering these plants nonetheless calls for certain degree of understanding, as the collector needs to be able to determine herbs properly, and likewise recognize where to find them. This expertise was frequently given from generation to generation.

Today, as well as considering that the center of the 20th century, because of urbanization, changes in land possession as well as way of life this standard understanding is however being lost.

Plant collection that does happen is performed in an unsustainable fashion bring about the decrease of a key employment for vulnerable teams as it is typically a crucial resource of added income for the Roma ethnic minority, females as well as the senior.

Central Europe used to be and still is among the primary merchants of items originating from plants– e.g. medical as well as flavor plants – to processors in Western Europe. Wild collection represents 30-40% of medicinal drug production. In Europe it is estimated that regarding 2000 plants are traded readily, of which 60-70% are locals.

Approximately 90% of these types are still accumulated from the wild.

These plants constitute a vital market and also a vital genetic base for numerous vital medicines. With continued development in this industry, it is important for the countries of Central Europe to sign up with forces to establish a systematic approach to plant supply in order to ensure that this need does not exhaust all-natural stocks and also the standard data base is maintained.

The goal of Standard and Wild is to safeguard and also share this decreasing social heritage and additionally to boost resources of at risk teams in rural parts of Central Europe.


Typical as well as wild – Purposes.

The revenue and employment void between country and metropolitan regions in Central Europe is very large, with unemployment sometimes rising to increase the national average in backwoods. Group as well as land use modifications in the second fifty percent of the 20th century have actually meant that much less people remain in the rural areas, and those that do are usually much less experienced. The job’s goal is to offer alternative source of income for these individuals, urge them not to leave the region and as a result add to the far better top quality as well as beauty of towns and their surroundings.

The certain objective is to execute a pilot design by year 2012 that is socially and culturally acceptable, economically-sound and also environmentally viable for the collection of wild plants, their handling and use. This model shall supply a lasting income to vulnerable teams in picked locations of Central Europe states.

By decreasing the adverse impacts of economic as well as social change the job will additionally support the competitiveness of the participation area. Transferable device for the collection of plants and also main handling will be adapted in all of Central Europe and also past and the social practices of collection including understanding concerning plants which are at risk of being shed will be protected.


Conventional and also wild – Expected Result.

Expected outcomes consist of to name a few boosted employment alternatives for at risk groups in target regions and a better capacity among target groups to sustainably gather and refine plants, along with a lasting approach to plant usage.

These outcomes will certainly be accomplished with the growth of a technique as well as activity plan on work as well as minimizing the social variations between populations in marginalized rural areas of Central Europe, which will consist of an analysis of the areas, employment possibility, major partnerships to be developed, as well as suggestions for execution (as an example, the growth of training materials, gathering information, and so on). This strategy will finish in a global version, an ethnobotanical study and training materials, which will certainly be the base for the training of around 200 people in traditional plant collection as well as demonstration installations.

Conventional and wild – Activities.

Recap of activities:. The goal of Conventional and also wild task is to protect, collect and also share the declining social heritage on conventional use of the wild growing plants. Maintenance as well as updating of the collection activity would contribute to the renovation of incomes of vulnerable teams in country parts of Central Europe. The project started the last 6 months of application.

A comprehensive Socio-economic evaluation discussed at a workshop in Sep. 2012 in Brno reveals the group as well as economic circumstance in the target locations. According to experiences, collection of wild plants might guarantee financial value however, regional people must be encouraged.

Training products on traditional use, written as well as rule of thumbs of collection, national as well as global guidelines, sustainable techniques of harvesting and also processing of plants were created and published. Several trainings were arranged as the implementation of this new tool. Database regarding the appealing wild plants in the project execution area was established.

Market and revenue generation approach was created for the target areas. The outcomes were presented in Lokve, October 2013. The study based upon personal interviewing it will certainly aid assessing of market opportunities and customs. This study would certainly sustain target individuals getting to market centers, creating reasonable company strategies.

While utilizing natural deposits, sustainability needs to not be overlooked. The outcomes of resource assessments were specified and talked about in October 2012 in Lokve. Besides, using a version for establishing long-term use of natural greenery, they serve as basis of further tasks in earnings generation.

A Capacity-building strategy including methods of data evaluation, mapping of intellectual and natural capabilities, personal capacities in target area, defining the way of recognition of needs for training as well as partnership structure stand for the first extensive multinational standard.

Key objectives of the project include collection of ethnobotanical expertise of local populations to discover if individuals recognize the prizes of nature. Recap of the regions outcomes were created. According to data gotten a substantial interests both of senior as well as young was experienced, nevertheless, new details from media appears frequently to get rid of practices. Tool kit will certainly be an useful device where one of the most important details, web links as well as laws are gathered about the wild plant collection (Web link:

Event sites add to elevating understanding of people on social heritage about plants and educate them to take advantage of the practices. A folklore house has been opened in Kunadacs, Hungary, in October 2012 while exhibition room regarding spiritual as well as superstitious aspects of wild plans has actually been opened al fresco Museum in Kolbuszowa, Poland. Plant dryer has actually been selected and also installed in Lednice, Czech Republic. Organic gardens have currently been created in Slovenia.