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Short Form: FLAVIA.

Complete name: Freight and Logistics Development in Central Europe – Validation of procedures, Improvements, Application of co-operation.

  • Concern: Ease of access.
  • Area of Intervention:2.2 Developing Multimodal Logistics’ Teamwork.
  • Period: March 2010 – April 2013 (38 months).
  • Total budget plan:.
  • ERDF contribution: EUR 1.757.250,00.
  • EUR 1.388.357,50.

Collaboration:. University of Applied Sciences Wildau (Brandenburg, DE), Pro Rail Partnership (Berlin, DE), GVZ Growth Corporation Southwest Saxony Ltd. (Sachsen, DE), Ministry of Economic Situation of the Federal State Brandenburg (Brandenburg, DE), College of Pardubice (Severovychod, CZ), Express Interfracht (Jihovychod, CZ), Interport Servis ltd. (Vychodne Slovensko, SK), Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences Research & Development Ltd. – LOGISTIKUM (Oberösterreich, AT), Institute of Logistics and also Warehousing (Wielkopolskie, PL), University * POLITEHNICA * of Bucharest- Transport Research Study and Consulting Centre (Ilfov, RO), SCHENKER ROMTRANS (Ilfov, RO), Technical College of Kosice, Professors of Manufacturing Technologies with seat in Presov (Vychodne Slovensko, SK), Regional Advisory and also Information Centre Pre ov (Vychodne Slovensko, SK), Hungarian Logistics Organization (Kozep-Magyarorszag, HU), Hungarokombi – Mixed Transportation Company Kft (Kozep-Magyarorszag, HU).

  • Lead companion: College of Applied Sciences Wildau (Brandenburg, DE).
  • Lead companion country: Germany.
  • Get in touch with individual: Mr Prof. Dr.-Ing. Herbert Sonntag.
  • Address: Bahnhofstrasse 1, 15745 Wildau, Germany.


FLAVIA – Description.

The present profession and also products website traffic relations in Central Europe (CE) are strongly oriented towards Western Europe. However, with the inauguration of the South-Eastern European countries to the EU brand-new sales and also supply frameworks develop which need to be reinforced in the fields of profession as well as in products website traffic and also logistics.

The primary instructions of impact of the FLAVIA task is to significant add to the European communication, specifically along the TEN-T passages IV and VII and the FLAVIA passage itself. This will be accomplished by the decrease of organisational and also network obstacles in the intermodal logistic networks of the entailed regions which will certainly boost the availability of areas from the logistical viewpoint. Furthermore, calculated augmentations of the sales as well as supply frameworks are essential to get to brand-new possible trade partners around the Black Sea and the TRACECA location (Transportation Passage Europe– Caucasus– Asia).

The countries in these locations are on the one hand interesting organization markets for European commercial items and also on the other hand there are beneficial all-natural and power sources. To link successfully these brand-new markets and the Southern Silk Road to the European heartland is the subject of the FLAVIA job. Consequently the focus of the task is an intermodal freight circulation relevant and also process-oriented method.

With the logistical strategy and also the logistical tools being made use of (e.g. benchmarking, access analyses, running time und traffic jam evaluations, pre-feasibility research studies to prepare necessary investments) new and cutting-edge measures for a far better interconnectivity of the regions will certainly be established as well as executed. Also the exchange of knowledge and also the promo of finest technique will certainly be a crucial part of the FLAVIA project to cultivate the use of environmentally friendly transportation– rail and also inland river.

More than 10 pre-feasibility studies to support inter-/ multimodal products transportation in the FLAVIA corridor will be carried out. The relevant investments will boost the access of the included areas substantially in terms of intermodal transport, unburden the stuffed roadways and also add to the ecological objectives of the areas. Yet the Southern endpoint of the FLAVIA hallway does not mark additionally the final destination of the logistics networks. Consequently an expansion of the passage towards the Black Sea surrounding and TRACECA countries is predicted. Main objective of the expansion procedure is the establishment of cooperation structures in the fields of profession as well as transport.

  • FLAVIA – Purposes.

Handling promoting the transportation of items in between Central and South-East Europe FLAVIA will boost leads of accessibility to markets, financial development and also growth as well as minimize existing disparities of areas.

The project focuses on intermodal transport– which can be considered as a flagship of the logistics service– and is likewise open for multimodal strategies. Yet the efficient use inter- as well as multimodal transport depends not just on network conditions. Market players have sometimes psychological barriers which to get over is extremely important. As a result FLAVIA will establish nationwide pro-rail partnerships and a terminal partnership to promote as well as develop inter-/ multimodal transportation in the future.

Improving logistic networks among the included areas will add to the assimilation of markets of the enlarged European Union. To get over existing bottlenecks and gaps in the intermodal facilities in FLAVIA the decrease of organisational and administrative barriers of incorporated logistic chains will be evaluated.

  • FLAVIA – Expected Outcome.

More than 10 pre-feasibility research studies to sustain inter-/ multimodal goods transportation in the FLAVIA corridor will be performed. The associated investments will certainly enhance the ease of access of the involved regions considerably in regards to intermodal transportation, unburden the overloaded roads as well as contribute to the eco-friendly objectives of the regions. But the Southern endpoint of the FLAVIA passage does not mark additionally the last location of the logistics networks. As a result an expansion of the passage towards the Black Sea bordering as well as TRACECA countries is anticipated. Main goal of the extension procedure is the establishment of participation frameworks in the fields of trade and transport.

Via the concentration on intermodal transportation the lasting development of logistics will certainly be taken into consideration. FLAVIA targets to bring forward the deployment of intermodal transport infrastructure and solutions via trans-national cooperation by getting rid of obstacles in the infrastructure as well as activating solutions. FLAVIA wants the engaged stakeholders to team up on the development of trans-national action strategies, ideas as well as ideas.