Application package

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The application plan for the initial ask for proposals contain the complying with files:

  1. Application handbook.
  2. Table of contents (pdf, 90 KB).
  3. Component A: What is Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE (pdf, 719 KB).
  4. Part B: What forecasts we are looking for (pdf, 553 KB).
  5. Component C: How to create a great project (pdf, 773 KB).
  6. Part D: Just how to apply with us (pdf, 1.83 MB), changed version of 18 February 2015.
  7. Component E: What support we provide (pdf, 242 KB).
  8. Annexes (pdf, 2.37 MB).
  9. To download the application guidebook with annexes as a file go here (pdf, 6.30 MB).

Application offline layouts (doc, 214 KB).Lead candidate declaration in editable pdf and also word styles (zip, 200 KB).Web link to the electronic Monitoring System (eMS):

Corresponding devices (zip, 93 KB).

  • Budget development tool.
  • Financial practicality self-assessment device for private lead applicants.

If you wish to print the documents, we advise you to save them locally first to avoid any kind of loss of formatting due to compatibility problems with internet browsers.