Annual conference 2014

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Scientists and entrepreneurs met at a scientific conference on “Environmental protection in the service of man” organized by the Provincial Environmental Protection Fund and the Higher School of Entrepreneurship.

Caring for the environment pays off not only economically, but is also a testimony of social responsibility,” stressed Ireneusz Stachowiak, president of the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. – There are great professionals present, presidents of companies and who show us how to protect the environment on a daily basis and benefit from it at the same time. It’s important that we talk about it, pass on this information, share it, so that we build a responsible society,” the president added.

Environmental protection is an important part of our work, all technical solutions that will be used at the plants will be oriented towards environmental protection. This pays off, because we have to remember that if we do not meet the standards, which are getting stricter every year, we will face penalties that we may not be able to bear,” said the president – District Dairy Cooperative.

The conference, held, is part of an environmental education program run by the Regional Environmental Protection Fund.


Living in harmony with nature. Not treating it like a supermarket. Taking care of our planet. All of this should be important for every inhabitant of the Earth, especially for a socialist. Why?


A socialist, as a person who lives with people, and tries to act for them, knows very well that you need to take care of your surroundings. Only then will his actions have a benefit. A socialist realizes that sometimes all it takes is a few small things to make the world a friendlier, better place. That’s why he should be eco.


A socialist understands the importance of small things. He can see that a small change can bring a huge benefit. Especially when this change affects the environment in which he lives. For a very simple reason – it is shared by everyone, so whatever happens in it, it affects everyone around. Just like the actions of a socialist.


The kind of small changes that everyone should try to make in their lives start at home. In this immediate space, you can already start taking care of the environment. In a very simple way. Ecology often goes hand in hand with economy. Just think, are we wasting any goods in our home? Do we need to run all the lamps when it gets dark? Do we unplug power strips or chargers from electronic equipment? Saving electricity, or water, is one of the easiest reasons to step onto the eco-path.

It is also very important not to waste food. Buy what you need and in the quantities you really need. Is it really worth taking advantage of a promotion and buying three products instead of two? Even if you pay less than usual for three products in a promotion, if you only need two it is definitely better not to be tempted. Not only will we save money, but we won’t risk the bonus product going to waste. We should also try to choose food products that do not need long transportation to get to the store.

The shorter the distance, the less fuel used. And the less fuel used, the less strain on the environment. Another thing is that products from local suppliers are usually fresher, which has a very positive effect on their quality. The socialite knows that it is necessary to be vigilant and not be fooled by the proposals of stores. He pays attention to how much electricity and water he uses. And where the food he buys comes from, taking care, by the way, never to buy more than necessary.


The savings you can make will reflect positively not only on your wallet, but also on the environment. These simple rules can also be rephrased a bit, and keeping in mind being eco, prepare your projects for the community. It is worth looking at whether the community’s surroundings lack green spaces or trees. This is important because more trees are cut down every year than are planted.

And how important they are for the life of our planet is obvious to everyone. So there’s nothing stopping you from taking care of the community while also taking care of the environment. All you have to do is remember that just as important as the end result is the environment that needs to be taken care of. Staying with tree planting – a joint, organized action by residents of a neighborhood, district or maybe even a certain age group from the whole city and town, the fruit of which will be the enrichment of a park, square or yard with a few trees, is a great idea for inspiring and integrating the local community.