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The Yearly Meeting 2013 “Defining Central Europe” took place on 15 and 16 May 2013 in Padua, Italy. The seminar connected the discussion of the thematic accomplishments of the current program with the collection of comments for the brand-new programme exceeding 2014. The running projects have actually capitalised on their tasks as well as reviewed the sustainability in addition to mainstreaming of the job results within the set of thematic workshops on initial seminar day. The day was concluded by the evening function devoted to the video clip honors CENTRAL EUROPE “Film Reel Video Competitors”.

Audio speakers representing the European Commission, such as Mr. Vicente Rodriguez Saez, Replacement Head of Device at DG REGIO as well as Mr. Christian Weinberger, Head of System at DG Venture and Sector, Board of Regions, Mr. Gianluca Spinaci, Head of Cabinet of the Assistant General, JASPERS, Mr. Norbert Hahn, Head of Department and also the CENTRAL EUROPE Program 2014-2020 Steering Group, Ms. Nadja Kobe, National Organizer of multinational programs in Slovenia reviewed the programs of the new program and also access to new funds.

All CENTRAL EUROPE job companions along with thematic stakeholders from all governance levels supplied comments on the desired priorities and actions of the brand-new CENTRAL EUROPE Program 2014-2020 during the collection of thematic workshops following the inputs from the panelists.

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