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Postarejte se o duševní zdraví: získejte terapii
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Take care of your mental health: get therapy

patient health tips

Even in this day and age, going to therapy can seem like a seven-headed bug to many people. More than a form of mental health care, psychotherapy helps people find constructive ways to deal with life’s adversities.

It helps to overcome difficult times, such as a breakup or the loss of a loved one. In addition, it increases emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

  • Professional help is one tool a person can seek to gain more emotional control. It is a positive way to take care of your health.
    – Do yoga
  • Yoga means to control, to unite, it is a philosophy of life that has its origin more than 5000 years ago in India. A holistic system that works with the body and mind through very well thought out movements.
  • They allow each individual to create their own rhythm, reconnect with their breath and their own body. Yoga increases body awareness and understanding of emotions.

It improves posture, tones and gives the body more flexibility. Since breathing is the key to yoga, these techniques improve the cardiovascular system when performed regularly.

Reduce stress; anxiety; pain; Depression; strengthens joints and much more. A great choice for those looking for physical and mental balance.

Avoid drinking alcohol and drugs

When we talk about cultivating healthy habits, the first step is to eliminate from your life some behaviors that are harmful to health, such as smoking, using drugs or alcohol. These are products that cause chemical dependence, damage health and even affective bonds. Taking the first step to remove them from your life can be very difficult to do on your own.

That’s why it’s important to have professional support. A good option is to resort to telemedicine. Companies like Conexa Saúde offer specialized services for those who need such help.

Prevention is always the best way. So learn to say no to stay away from drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. Choose companies well. Do sports and always count on the support of family and friends.

Create hobbies

This tip can be key for those looking for a healthier life. Investing in hobbies can have a number of positive benefits for the mind and body. When you do an activity that brings you pleasure, the brain is stimulated.

Vytvořte si koníčkyThis subsequently improves mood, memory, communication, reasoning and motor function. It expands affective bonds by stimulating new social relationships. Activity doesn’t matter.

It could be a new sport, dance, reading, collectibles, travel, a new language. It all applies to enjoying your free time and gaining quality of life. It is important to find an activity that brings you pleasure and stimulation.

  • Pandemic Health Tips
  • health tips, nutritional advice

During the pandemic, it is important to keep your health up to date. The World Health Organization (WHO) guides some basic care:

  1. Maintain social distancing;
  2. Wear a mask;
  3. Wash your hands often and use alcohol gel;
  4. Maintain a healthy diet;
  5. Mental health care;
  6. Practice physical exercises;
  7. Consult your doctor regularly.
    • Health tips at workTake breaks from work

      Staying on the same task for long periods of time is unhealthy. Harmful to health and mind. It can affect bodybuilding, bones and even increase blood pressure. That’s why it’s important to take breaks at work, for example every 30 minutes. Having a coffee, stretching and relaxing are some valid health tips.

      The importance of health at work

      Investing in health at work is supposed to ensure a better quality of life and employee engagement. One of the best ways to do this is through health care programs and preventive medicine. All this to promote well-being and a great organizational climate.

      Health at work results in lower turnover rates; increased productivity; improving results; cost reduction; talent retention, among other benefits.